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Yahoo! Sports Radio
Type Sports
Country United States
First air date
August 1, 2011 (2011-08-01)
Parent Gow Broadcasting

Yahoo! Sports
Webcast Listen Live
Official website
Yahoo! Sports Radio

Yahoo! Sports Radio is a sports radio network that is distributed by Gow Broadcasting.[1] The newly named network premiered on Monday, August 1, 2011, rebranded from Sporting News Radio and has a history going back to 1991.[2]

Based in Houston, Yahoo! Sports Radio reaches an estimated[vague] five million people[citation needed] each week. Programming is broadcast in the United States on a network of more than 500 terrestrial stations[citation needed] and Sirius Satellite Radio[citation needed]. It is also streamed and available for download at, with the Yahoo! Sports Radio mobile application, and on the websites of affiliates.[3]

The 24-hour network features sports personalities including:[4]

  • Steve Czaban
  • Marty Hurney and Lanny Ford
  • Travis Rodgers
  • Geoff Ketchum
  • Prime Cut with Sean Salisbury & Steve Bunin
  • Lewis Woodward
  • Game Night with Matt Perrault
  • The Tony D Radio Show
  • Tim Murray
  • Joe Spano
  • The Big E with Elissa Walker Campbell


SEN (1991–1993)[edit]

Originally, the network was called the Sports Entertainment Network and was headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 1991, it was the third all-sports radio network in the United States.[citation needed] The prior two networks were Enterprise Sports Network which existed briefly in the late '70s and early 1980s, and RTV Sports which operated out of Mashpee, Massachusetts (on Cape Cod) in 1987 and 1988 and was syndicated on 27 stations across the US. RTV's owner, Tom Star, abruptly shut it down and absconded with the assets and paychecks suddenly in the summer of 1988 without a word to the staff and talent.[citation needed]

One on One Sports (1993–2001)[edit]

In 1993, One on One Sports bought Sports Entertainment Network, moved it to Northbrook, Illinois. One on One Sports was founded in 1991 and delivered closed-circuit broadcasts to spectators attending sporting events such as golf tournaments and auto races, utilizing custom radio receivers. They audio coupled play-by-play commentary with special programming for the listeners at the event. One on One Sports had sports updates every 20 minutes, that it called "One On One Sports Flash". SEN/One on One Sports was the first 24/7 sports radio network.[citation needed]

One on One eventually acquired several owned and operated radio stations including WJWR (now WSNR) in New York City, WIDB (now WNTD) in Chicago, KCTD (now KMPC) in Los Angeles, California and WNRB (now WMEX) in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sporting News Radio (2001–2011)[edit]

One On One Sports was bought by The Sporting News magazine in 2000, and thus the network was renamed Sporting News Radio in early 2001. The only real change SNR made since being renamed was in August 2005, when it received an updated program clock and music package.

In 2006, SNR owner Paul Allen (best known as the co-founder of Microsoft) sold SNR and The Sporting News. The network and magazine went to American City Business Journals of Charlotte, North Carolina, while the three remaining stations (KMPC, WWZN, and WSNR) were then re-sold to other companies.

In 2007, Sporting News Radio moved its network headquarters from Northbrook, Illinois to Santa Monica, California. In 2010, the network headquarters were relocated once again to Houston, Texas.

Yahoo! Sports Radio (2011-Present)[edit]

Following the sale of the radio network and magazine separately, there was no longer an official relationship between the two Sporting News entities. In early 2011, new network owner Gow Communications and California-based Yahoo! entered into a long-term marketing and branding agreement, resulting in Sporting News Radio being renamed Yahoo! Sports Radio on August 1, 2011. The network continues to operate out of its Houston headquarters and shares office and studio space with flagship station KGOW AM 1560.


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