Yahualica de González Gallo

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Yahualica de González Gallo
Coat of arms of Yahualica de González Gallo
Coat of arms
Location of the city in Jalisco
Location of the city in Jalisco
Yahualica de González Gallo is located in Mexico
Yahualica de González Gallo
Yahualica de González Gallo
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 20°59′N 103°48′W / 20.983°N 103.800°W / 20.983; -103.800
Country  Mexico
State Jalisco
 • Total 520.3 km2 (200.9 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 55,210
Time zone Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
 • Summer (DST) Central Daylight Time (UTC-5)

Yahualica is a town and municipality in the northeastern part of Jalisco, Mexico. It is 1 out of the 125 municipalities that make up the state of Jalisco.[1]

Yahualica covers some 520.75 square kilometers and shares borders with the state of Zacatecas.

The name Yahualica is derived from the indigenous roots of the Nahoas. "Ayahuitl" meaning fog and "calli" meaning house, Yahualica is "The house of fog". Another believed translation of Ayahuitl is "Place surrounded by water" or "The Round Place".[2]


1165: The region's inhabitants were the Tecuexes, who later fought the Aztecs for control of the territory.

1530's : The Spanish, led by Cristóbal de Oñate, conquered the region.

1824:[3] Yahualica was constituted a municipality .


Yahualica is served by bus and taxi services, as well as highways leading into and out of Yahualica and throughout the city. The highway transit system includes México Federal Highway 71 and Jalisco 225 (Jal 225) which run entirely in the municipality. México 78 , southbound, leads to Tepatitlán/Cuquío and northbound to Nochistlán/Aguascalientes. Jalisco 225 runs east towards the towns of Huisquilco, El Durazno, San Isidro, and Pastores.

The closest airports to Yahualica are Aguascalientes International Airport (51.6 miles away) and Guadalajara International Airport (53.2 miles way),[4] each about a two-hour drive.


Stockbreeding: Cattle, horses, and pigs are raised.

Gastronomy: Yahualica's traditions include birria, spicy salsa, tostadas, and candy[6] from that region.

Chile de Arbol: The producers of this chili pepper say that Yahualica has the best one in the world because of its taste and spice. This chili is possible thanks to the soil in this region, the climate, and the techniques the producers in the are have been practicing for years.

The economy of around 300 families in this municipality depend on the production of this chile de arbol. Other than that, there are more than one dozen industries that produce hot sauces that are utilized in many ways in Mexican households.

Agriculture: Includes corn, sorghum, oats, chili, beans, and peaches.

Commerce: Establishments dedicated to the sale of products of necessity and mixed businesses that sell diverse goods

Industry: The main activity is technology and manufacturing

Services: Many are provided: professional, financial, administrative, technical, social, tourist, personal, and maintenance

Forestry: Oak plants

Mining: Deposits of manganese exist

Fishing: Carp and tilapia are captured.

Cultural and Tourist Attractions[edit]


  • Main square plaza
  • Toledo hotel
  • Benito Juarez theater
  • Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel catholic church (pictured to the right)


Waterpark: Sun and Water Resort opened its doors in the year of 2011. It allows people and families to experience fun thanks to its multiple recreational areas. There are areas with slides, a water boat, an event terrace, and a snack area. If a snack is not fulfilling, they also count with a restaurant called La Gran Laguna. This restaurant's menu includes meats and fresh seafood that is served in a variety of plates. The restaurant is located on the outskirts of the waterpark so one has a view of the entire resort. For one's comfort, they have a hotel as well, Hotel Sun and Water. Friends and family can enjoy accommodations within a walking distance of their waterpark facility.


Yahualica counts with a soccer/futbol team in the Third Division of Mexico, Club Deportivo De Los Altos.

El Club Deportivo Gallos is the soccer team that represents the municipality local and state tournaments

People from Yahualica[edit]

Robert Torres [El Águila Banca]

Yahualica in fiction[edit]

Yahualica is the setting for the novel Al filo del agua, written by Agustín Yáñez.


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Coordinates: 21°08′N 102°51′W / 21.133°N 102.850°W / 21.133; -102.850