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For people with the given name or surname Yahia, see Yahia
Pronunciation Arabic: [ˈjæħjæ, ˈjaħja, ˈjɑʜjɐ]
Gender Male
Word/name Hebrew
Meaning "YHWH lives" (Yechi'yah)
Other names
Related names Jehiah, Yechi'yah, John, Yūḥanna, Evan, Giovanni, Hans, Juan, Hovhannes, Ian, Ioan, Ioane, Ivan, Iven, Ifan, Jack, Jackson, Jan, Jane, Janez, Jean, Jhon, Joan, João, Johan, Johanan, Johannes, Jonne, Jovan, Juhani, Seán, Shane, Siôn, Yohannes, Yahye

Yahya (Arabic: يحيى‎, translit. Yaḥyā), also written Yahia is a common Arabic male given name. Because Yahya (commonly identified as John the Baptist) is considered to be a prophet in Islam, Yahya is a very common name in the Muslim world. Yahya (Arabic: يَحِيَّى‎, translit. Yaḥyā) is also the Arabic equivalent of the name of the Levitical priest Jehiah in the Bible.[1]

In Persian, Yahya is a title of address for a senior village or community elder; it is also a common nickname for the 12th Imam.

It may refer to:


Given name[edit]

  • Yahya Ayyash (1966–1996), member and chief bombmaker of Hamas
  • Yahya Goba, Yemeni-American terrorist suspect arrested and charged as part of the War on Terror together with the other members of the "Lackawanna Six"
  • Yahya GolMohammadi (born 1971), Iranian footballer
  • Yahya Jammeh (born 1965), president of The Gambia
  • Yahya Khan (1917–1980), former President of Pakistan and Chief of Army Staff
  • Yahya Muhammad Hamid ed-Din, imam of the Zaydis (1904) and king of Yemen (1926)
  • Yahya Rahim Safavi (born 1958), commander in chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)
  • Yahya Al-Shehri, Saudi footballer
  • Yahya Hassan (born 1995), Palestinian-Danish poet and politician
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