Yahya Hammuda

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Yahya Hammuda
يحيى حمودة
2nd Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization
In office
24 December 1967 – 2 February 1969
Preceded by Ahmad Shukeiri
Succeeded by Yasser Arafat
Personal details
Born 1908
Lifta, Ottoman Empire
Died 16 June 2006 (aged 98)
Nationality Palestinian

Yahya Hammoudeh (Arabic: يحيى حمودة‎‎; 1908 – 16 June 2006)[1] was the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee from 24 December 1967 to 2 February 1969, following the resignation of Ahmad Shukeiri. He was succeeded by Yasser Arafat.

Hammoudeh was born in the village of Lifta in 1908. A founding member of the General Refugee Congress (GRC). The first congress of the GRC occurred on 17 March 1949 in Ramallah where Muhammad Nimr al-Hawari was elected as President with Yahya Hammuda and ‘Aziz Shihada as deputies.[2] The Palestine Conciliation Commission (PCC) hoping to gain a degree of independent Palestinian representation, invited GRC delegates to come and appear before the PCC.[3]


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Preceded by
Ahmad Shukeiri
Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization
Succeeded by
Yasser Arafat