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Prof. Yair Galily (Hebrew: יאיר גלילי, born July 10, 1970) is an applied Israeli sociologist, mass media and management researcher at the Interdisciplinary Center, Herzliya and former Dean of the Zinman College, Wingate Institute, Israel

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Born and raised in Petah Tikva, Israel, Galily graduated (M.Sc) from Clark University (Worcester, MA, USA) in 1996 and wrote his doctorate (Ph.D), under the supervision of Ken Sheard and Eric Dunning, at the Centre for Research into Sport and Society in Leicester University (UK, 2001). Dr. Galily is a Senior Lecturer and the founder and head of the research unit at the Israeli Football Association; Member of UEFA club licensing committee and board member of the Israeli Communications Association. Lieutenant Colonel (Res.) Galily serves as chief (Organizational and Instructional) sociologist of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Combat Fitness Centre.

Major Work[edit]

As a social-historian, Galily considered, along with Amir Ben-Porat, to a pioneer in the field of sport sociology in Israel. His text-book (along with Amir Ben-Porat and Ronnie Lidor) Introduction to Sport and Society (Open University Press, 2010) and Sport, Politics and Society in the Land of Israel (Routledage, 2007) considered the first -ever comprehensive texts on sport sociology from an Israeli perspective.

Recently (2016), Galily have guest-edited few leading international journals, among them American Behavioural Scientist (Sage, 2016), Television & New Media, (Sage, 2015) and Online Information Review (Emerald, 2016).


Galily is Founder & Head of the Sport, Media and Society (SMS) Research Lab at the Sammy Ofer School of Communications Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. He was a co-founder and head of the Olympic Studies Centre - a joint venture of the Israeli Olympic committee and Zinman College, Wingate Institute. (2011 – 2013). Served as the professional committee chairman and member of the `Academic Sport Association`(ASA) board of directors 2002-2003, 2005–2008 and professional committee member at 'Special Olympics Israel' which is part of the Special Olympics International nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities to become physically fit, productive and respected members of society through year round sports training and competitions. Prof. Galily is being interviewed regularly by both Israeli and international media regarding social processes surrounding sporting activities in Israel and around the world.

Additional Readings and Selected Publications[edit]

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