Yair Nitzani

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Yair Nitzani
יאיר ניצני
Yair Nitzani 1.jpg
Background information
Born (1958-08-22) August 22, 1958 (age 60)
GenresPop rock
Occupation(s)Record producer, comedian, musician
InstrumentsHammond organ piano
Years active1975–present
Associated actsT-Slam

Yair Nitzani (Hebrew: יָאִיר נִיצָּנִי‬; born August 22, 1958) is an Israeli musician, songwriter, TV host and comedian.

Early life[edit]

President of Israel Ruvi Rivlin and Yair Nitzani

Yair Nitzani was born in Beersheba in 1958. He is of Italian-Jewish descent.[1] After serving in the Israel Defense Forces as a broadcaster on Galei Zahal in the 1980s, he joined the rock group T-Slam as a keyboardist and vocalist.[2][3] Nitzani wrote some of the band's most famous songs, among them "Radio Chazak" (Loud Radio), "Partzufa Shel HaMdina" (The Country's Face), "Tnu Li Rokenrol" (Give Me Rock n' Roll), "Od Pgisha" (Another Date) "Chatzavim Porchim" (The Sea Squills are Blooming), and Boker Shel Kef (A Great Morning). His identifying mark in the band was a faucet glued to his forehead.


After T-Slam disbanded, Nitzani joined Erez Tal and Avri Gilad on the show Ma Yesh (What's Up) on Israeli Army Radio, and joined HaOlam HaErev (The World Tonight) on Israeli Channel 2.

As CEO of the Hed Artzi recording company, he discovered new musical talent in Israel, such as the band Friends of Natasha and the singer Adam. It was Nitzani's idea to mix Ofra Haza's Yemenite songs with a modern beat. He persuaded Izhar Ashdot to produce Galbi and Im Ninalu.

Nitzani was voted to the board of directors of Acum (Israel's copyright society).[citation needed] In 2002, he was a consultant of content to Comverse.[citation needed] He was an adviser to Tunewiki, a leading app for lyrics.[citation needed]

As a soloist, he gained fame with his comic song "Hashem Tamid".[4] Another hit song was "Shir Hamangal" (The Mangal Song). His solo album went gold, and "Hashem Tamid" was voted song of the year.[who?][citation needed]

From 2003 to 2005, Nitzani wrote and hosted three seasons of Ahorei HaChadashot (literally, "The Behind of the News") on Israeli Channel 10.

He is the owner of a music company, Yair Nitzani Music.[5]

In February 2011, Nitzani was scheduled to join the judges of the reality show Kokhav Nolad, the Israeli version of American Idol.[6]

Nitzani is the host of Yanshufim on channel 8 on Israeli cable TV. It was named the best TV show of 2011 and 2012.[who?][citation needed] He is the host of A Bit High, a weekly culture show on channel 10 in Israel.[citation needed] He also writes a weekly satiric column for Israel Today, Israel's most popular newspaper.[citation needed]


  • T-Slam - Loud Radio
  • T-Slam - T-Slam 2
  • T-Slam - For Collectors Only
  • T-Slam with the Symphonic Orchestra of Rishon le Zion, live
  • Singles - "Hashem Tamid" and "Song of the Mangal"
  • "Shiro shel shafshaf", performed by Meir Banai, lyrics by Nitzani


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