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Yair Shimansky is a jeweler based in Cape Town, South Africa, who specializes in diamonds. He owns several retail stores in South Africa,[1] and a diamond cutting and polishing business in Johannesburg, South Africa.[1][2] Shimansky has made what is claimed to be the world's most expensive temporary tattoo[3] and a 900 carat diamond-encrusted soccer ball created for the FIFA World Cup.[4][5][6]

Brilliant 10 Diamond[edit]

The Brilliant 10 diamond design is a 71 facet round brilliant cut diamond design developed and patented by Shimansky.[7][8][9] It's been stated as being the most brilliant diamond in the world.[7][10] The diamond is currently the only diamond that has no light leakage,[7][10] in which all of the light that enters through the table and the crown is reflected back. In contrast, a regular round brilliant diamond with 57 facets loses around 8%-12% of light even if cut to ideal proportions, in which the light loss is around the girdle area of the diamond.

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