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Yair Shimansky is a jeweler based in Cape Town, South Africa who specializes in diamonds. He is owner of several Shimansky Collection retail stores in South Africa,[1] and also owns a diamond cutting and polishing business in Johannesburg, South Africa.[1][2] Shimansky has been noted for his works being of high-quality, and some as being very expensive, such as the world's most expensive temporary tattoo[3] and a 900 carat diamond-encrusted soccer ball created for the FIFA World Cup.[4][5][6] South Africa leading jewellery designer and the creator of the most Iconic Diamond Ring in South Africa the Millennium Diamond Ring a contemporary classic design. follow with the Evolym Diamond Ring (Evolym spell My love backwards)is fast becoming another paramount design in the Shimansky collection portfolio. Known as South Africa Platinum King with over 25 years of experience in Platinum jewellery Yair Shimansky is among the leading authorities on Platinum jewellery manufacturing.[citation needed]

Brilliant 10 Diamond[edit]

The Brilliant 10 diamond design is a 71 facet round brilliant cut diamond design developed and patented by Shimansky.[7][8][9] It's been stated as being the most brilliant diamond in the world.[7][10] The diamond is currently the only diamond that has no light leakage,[7][10] in which all of the light that enters through the table and the crown is reflected back. In contrast, a regular round brilliant diamond with 57 facets loses around 8%-12% of light even if cut to ideal proportions, in which the light loss is around the girdle area of the diamond.

My Girl Diamond[edit]

The designer and inventor of the first South Africa origin patent cut diamonds registered in over 30 countries worldwide The My Girl diamond USA patent number US 29/175,153 dated 30 January 2003, is the flagship diamond for Shimansky currently sold exclusively at shimansky stores only. the only diamond in the world with the perfect balance of fire, brilliance and scintillation 33.33% in each area, making the diamond sparkle from every angle under any light condition shaping the internal light while absorbing external light to its maximum.

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