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This article is about the town of Yaiza. For the municipality, see Yaiza (municipality).
View of Yaiza

Yaiza is a small town on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, Spain. It lies in the southwest of the island. The population in 2012 was 857.[1] The town gives its name to the municipality of Yaiza, although it is much smaller than the largest settlement in the municipality, Playa Blanca.

With recently (2011) tree-lined roads, the town has a town hall and a floodlit public football stadium.

Each year, at Christmas, Yaiza displays a large "Belén" (a belén is a nativity scene). The Yaiza Belén includes miniaturised scenes from around the island, with miniatures of Playa Blanca, Arrecife, and Timanfaya. Children and visitors are encouraged to seek the figurine of a young man defecating, as it is considered good luck to spot him.

Highway LZ2 connects the town to Playa Blanca in the south and Arrecife to the east.


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Coordinates: 28°57′8″N 13°45′53″W / 28.95222°N 13.76472°W / 28.95222; -13.76472