Yajna Sri Satakarni

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Yajna Sri Satakarni
Coin of Yajna Sri Satakarni. British Museum
Last Satavahana King
Reign 2nd century CE
Successor Vijaya
Satavahana Kings (271 BCE – 220 CE)
Simuka (1st century BCE)
Kanha (1st century BCE/CE)
Satakarni (1st-2nd century CE)
Sivasvati (1st century CE)
Gautamiputra Satakarni (1st-2nd century CE)
Vasishthiputra Pulumavi (2nd century CE)
Vashishtiputra Satakarni (2nd century CE)
Shivaskanda Satakarni (2nd century CE)
Yajna Sri Satakarni (2nd century CE)
Vijaya (2nd century CE)
Coin of Gautamiputra Yajna Satakarni

Yajna Sri Satakarni, also known as Gautamiputra Yajna Sri,[1][2] was an Indian ruler of the Satavahana dynasty. His reign is dated variously: c. 152-181 CE,[3] c. 165-195 CE,[4] c. 170-199 CE[5] or c. 174-203.[6]

He is considered to be the last great king of the Satavahana dynasty. He regained some of the territory lost to Shakas (the Western Satraps) under Vashishtiputra Satakarni. He defeated the Western Satraps and reconquered their southern regions in western and central India, which led to the decline of the Western Satraps.[7]

He is known from his coins, and from the mention of his name in the regnal lists of the Matsya Purana, in which he is said to have ruled 29 years.


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Preceded by:
Shivaskanda Satakarni.
Satavahana ruler
2nd century CE
Succeeded by: