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Yaqub Salimov (Tajik: Яъқуб Салимов/Persian: یعقوب سلیموف‎‎) is a former minister of the interior of Tajikistan.

In 1990 Yaqub Salimov was convicted for taking part in Dushanbe riots.[1] When Tajik Civil War broke out, Salimov was released from prison, and become a leader of Popular Front, a paramilitary group fighting on the government side.[1][2] In 1997 he was charged with attempting a coup d'etat. Afterwards he fled from Tajikistan, but was arrested in Moscow in 2003[1] and extradited to Tajikistan. On April 25, 2005, he received 15 years in prison sentence. Yaqub Salimov was released on the 21st of June 2016.[2]