Yakumo (train)

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381 series train Yakumo
Service type Limited express
First service 1972
Current operator(s) JR West
Line used Sanyo Main Line, Hakubi Line, Sanin Main Line
Rolling stock 381 series EMU

The Yakumo (やくも?) is a limited express train service in Japan operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West), which runs from Okayama to Matsue and Izumo in Shimane Prefecture.

This limited express train connects Okayama with Yonago in 2 hours, Okayama with Matsue in 2 hours and 30 minutes, and Okayama with Izumoshi in 3 hours.

Rolling stock[edit]

Former rolling stock[edit]


The Yakumo service was first introduced on 22 September 1959, as a semi-express service operating between Yonago and Hakata in Kyushu.[1]


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