Yakutat Bay

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Map of Yakutat Bay.
Glacier carved mountains near Yakutat Bay.

Yakutat Bay is a 29-km-wide (18 mi) bay in the U.S. state of Alaska, extending southwest from Disenchantment Bay to the Gulf of Alaska. "Yakutat" is a Tlingit name reported as "Jacootat" and "Yacootat" by Yuri Lisianski in 1805.

Yakutat Bay was the epicenter of two major earthquakes on September 10, 1899, a magnitude 7.4 foreshock and a magnitude 8.0 main shock, 37 minutes apart.[1]

The Shelikhov-Golikov company, precursor of the Russian-American Company, under the management of Alexander Andreyevich Baranov, settled Yakutat Bay in 1795.[2]:15-16 It was known as New Russia, Yakutat Colony, or Slavorossiya.[3]

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Yakutat Bay has had various names.


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Coordinates: 59°43′54″N 139°50′19″W / 59.73167°N 139.83861°W / 59.73167; -139.83861