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Yakyuken (野球拳?) is now widely known as a Japanese variation of rock-paper-scissors wherein the loser of each round removes an article of clothing due to mass media influence. Yakyuken gets its name from a Shinboku chant[citation needed] associated with the non-adult version of the game which is still a local performance art nowaday.[1] It became a part of culture in Japan, and other Asian countries after the influence of TV variety shows and Soft On Demand. Numerous Hentai games have been made featuring the Yakyuken gameplay, and several American studios, such as Lost Bets Productions, focus on the filming and marketing of Yakyuken and other related strip games.

Yakyuken video games are popular in Japan and many east Asian countries. The first Yakyuken video game was created by Hudson Soft for the Sharp MZ-80K in 1981.[2][unreliable source?]

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