Yalding Organic Gardens

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Yalding Gardens are demonstration gardens open to the public near Yalding, Kent.

Originally established by the organic gardening charity HDRA (now called Garden Organic), the gardens were established to show a range of organically maintained kitchen and other garden types throughout history. Visitors could explore the history of gardening through 18 beautiful gardens set in five acres of Kent countryside. From the 13th-century apothecary's garden to a Victorian artisan's glasshouse and even a modern-day vegetable plot, visitors could discover how organic gardening methods produce stunning results achieved by nurturing nature.

In 2007, the gardens were closed due to lack of funding. However, in 2008, the site was leased by its owners the Congelow Trust, to Maro Foods but closed again in December 2009.

The gardens re-opened – now re-branded as “The Yalding Gardens and Bushel Box Farmshop and Cafe” on 12 June 2010 – only to close again in October 2011.

An Open Day was held on 30 June 2012; but the Gardens' long-term future remains uncertain.

The 'Friends of Yalding Organic Gardens' (FOYOG) has been formed with the aim of trying to secure a sound and sustainable future for the Gardens, and their website can be found at www.foyog.org


Coordinates: 51°12′58″N 0°25′47″E / 51.2160°N 0.4298°E / 51.2160; 0.4298