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Yale Model Government Europe
YMGE's New Logo.jpg
Abbreviation YMGE
Formation 2010
Type Model United Nations Student organization
Purpose International politics and International relations
Official language
Braden Currey & Livvy Bedford
Main organ
Executive Board
Affiliations Yale International Relations Association
Website ymge.org

Yale Model Government Europe (YMGE) is a constituent program of the Yale International Relations Association (YIRA) at Yale University. Founded in 2010 under the auspices of the YIRA Independent Initiatives Program, YMGE is now a registered civic organization in the Czech Republic. The inaugural conference, YMGE 2011, took place in November 2011 in Prague hosting delegates from around the world. The second annual YMGE in 2012 drew 300 students from 25 countries spanning four continents. From 2013 onwards, YMGE has been hosted in Budapest, Hungary, and has now risen to about 500 attending delegates each year.

Conference information[edit]

YMGE was created in effort to reimagine the Model United Nations conference in a way that would be both more educational and more dynamic for the delegates. It combines the best of American and European conferences to create a hybrid format. The conference comprises two types of sessions. In standard committee debate, delegates will be placed in a parliament, European government, or supranational body to discuss important issues pertaining to the future of Europe and the international community. In crisis sessions, all committees will have to table their individual debates to come together and solve an issue that threatens the integrity of the international system and European integration. In preparation for the 2013 conference, Secretariat members have revised YMGE's mission, vision and values.


With the development of the mission to provide an innovative, collaborative, and inspiring environment in Europe for high school students to engage in high-level world politics, YMGE has changed its slogan to "Inspire, Collaborate, Innovate" so that it accurately reflects the qualities that the conference embraces.

Committees structure[edit]

The conference emulates the proceedings of the European Union and its nations constituent parliaments and ministries. Amongst the eighteen committees that will be simulated at the conference, there are typically five parliaments: European, British, French, German, and the United States Senate. The final thirteen committees are a sampling of national cabinets from across the European Union: the nine most populous members and the Czech Republic.

As in the real world, these committees form the framework of an integrated Europe: when something happens in the world that affects one committee, it affects all committees. Every committee will be kept abreast of developments in each of the others; if a new policy passed by the Belgian cabinet has repercussions in Denmark, it will be up to the Danish ministers to react.


  • 2011 - Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2012 - Prague, Czech Republic
  • 2013 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 2014 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 2015 - Budapest, Hungary
  • 2016 - Budapest, Hungary

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