Yalesville, Connecticut

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Yalesville is a village in Wallingford, Connecticut. It was formerly known as First Falls and later as Tyler's Mills.


Yalesville is located in the NW of Wallingford.

The Quinnipiac River and Wharton's Brook run through Yalesville.


A Committee to locate a mill at the first falls on the Quinnipiac River between Wallingford and Meriden was held in September, 1686. In 1704 the mill was sold to William Tyler, and the community became known as Tyler's Mills. The mill and surrounding lands were sold to Charles Yale around a hundred years later, and the name of the village became Yalesville.

In 1695, Yalesville residents grew tired of having to take a canoe across the river, so a bridge was built at Goats pains, the residence of Roswell Yale, in what is now Yalesville. In about 1800, the current bridge over the Quinnipiac River was built. Also around 1800, a school house was built in Yalesville. The current school house is the second one built on the site.

The Wallingford Fire Department's Yalesville Station, located on Hope Hill Road, houses Engine 5 and Squad 5.

Coordinates: 41°29′37″N 72°49′25″W / 41.49361°N 72.82361°W / 41.49361; -72.82361