Yallahs River

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Yallahs River
Country Jamaica

The Yallahs River is a river in the parish of Saint Thomas, Jamaica.

Major landslides have developed in the Upper Yallahs River Watershed. As a result, the river carries a greater silt load and scours its banks far more quickly. The Yallahs Ford downstream has widened tremendously, leaving the coastal route vulnerable inundation after heavy rainstorms. Nobody canna cross it - except for fishermen and fisherwomen, people who receive help or can manage the water, and the bus ("di bus can swim").[1]

The area of Yallahs River got its name from two brothers fighting over the land that their father left for them and then the land later broke away and became water so neither of the two got the land.

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Coordinates: 17°52′N 76°36′W / 17.867°N 76.600°W / 17.867; -76.600