Ishin Me-Life Stadium

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Ishin Me-Life Stadium
Ishin Part Stadium infield
Former namesIshin Memorial Park Stadium (1963-2017)
LocationYamaguchi, Yamaguchi, Japan
OwnerYamaguchi Prefecture
CapacityApprox. 20,000
Renofa Yamaguchi FC

Ishin Me-Life Stadium (維新みらいふスタジアム) is an athletic stadium in Yamaguchi, Yamaguchi, Japan. It was formerly known as Ishin Memorial Park Stadium. Since January 2018 it has been called Ishin Me-Life Stadium for the naming rights.

The stadium is opened for 18th National Sports Festival of Japan in 1963, and renovated for 66th National Sports Festival of Japan in 2011.

The stadium is home to the semi-professional football team Renofa Yamaguchi FC

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Coordinates: 34°09′16″N 131°26′15″E / 34.15444°N 131.43750°E / 34.15444; 131.43750