Yamaha CS1x

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ManufacturerYamaha Corporation
Dates1996 – 1999
Technical specifications
Polyphony32 voices
OscillatorXG format
Synthesis typewavetable / sample-based synthesis
FilterLow-pass filter
AttenuatorAttack and release
Aftertouch expressionNo
Velocity expressionYes
Storage memory128 preset, 128 programmable
EffectsReverb, chorus, variation
Keyboard61 keys
Left-hand controlPitch bend and mod wheel
External controlMIDI, computer interface

The Yamaha CS1x is a sample-based synthesizer released by the Yamaha Corporation in 1996. Aimed primarily at dance musicians, the CS1x features analogue synthesizer-style rotary controllers and monotimbral synth voices.[1]
The CS1x was succeeded in 1999 by the CS2x synthesizer.


The CS1x uses the Yamaha Sample and Synthesis technology, as well as General MIDI and XG voices from the MU-50 module.[1]

The CS1x employs various arpeggiator presets and effects such as reverb, chorus (including flanging and celeste) and "variation" (a combination of reverbs, delays, modulation effects and equalisation).[1]


The Yamaha CS1x can be expanded with a small sequencer workstation module. The CS1x, CS2x and AN1x synthesizers all have a small lip on the right hand end of the front panel to accommodate a QY or SU sized module.


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inside the CS1X with special Yamaha chip
typical synthesizer sound of the Yamaha CS1X (30 sec)
All demo songs of the Yamaha CS1X synthesizer (12 min)