Yamaha DT50M

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Yamaha DT50M
Yamaha DT50M slightly customized.JPG
A Yamaha DT50
Manufacturer Yamaha
Production 1978 – 1981
Successor DT50MX
Class Motorcycle
Engine 49 cc (3.0 cu in) 2-stroke Torque Induction single
Transmission 5-speed manual, Multi-plate Wet, gear
Suspension Front: Telescopic forks
Rear; Twin shock swingarm
Brakes Front: Drum
Rear: Drum
Wheelbase 1,210 mm (48 in)
Dimensions L: 1,860 mm (73 in)
W: 805 mm (31.7 in)
H: 1,045 mm (41.1 in)
Seat height 780 mm (31 in)
Weight 72 kg (159 lb)[citation needed] (dry)
Fuel capacity 4.7 l (1.2 US gal)
Oil capacity 1.2 l (0.32 US gal)

The Yamaha DT50M was the entry level 50cc in the Yamaha DT series. Production started 1978 and ended 1981.

It was a dual purpose street/trail bike aimed at the 16 years age group of moped riders taking their first steps into motorcycling.

From 1978 onwards, all new mopeds were restricted to 30 mph in the UK. The selling point of the DT50M was style and off-road riding as opposed to out-right speed of the FS1E of previous years.

The DT50M had a 'sister' bike in the form of the TY50M which was designed as a Trial-bike/moped. It shared many aspects including the 50 cc engine. The TY50 however had been manufactured before 1978 and early models were unrestricted (30 mph) but had pedals which qualified them as a moped pre 1978. However, although unrestricted it's safe to say, they were not built for speed with torquie engines and high gearing.

The DT50M was fitted with twin rear shocks and 19"/17" front and rear wheels, this is in contrast to the later model DT50MX, which had larger 21"/18" wheels and a monoshock rear suspension.

The DT50M had a road bike sister called the RD50M (sharing the same engine unit), and similarly the later DT50MX had a road bike sister called the RD50MX.

Engine and transmission[edit]

Engine type Air cooled, single cylinder, 2-stroke
Bore & Stroke 40.0 x 39.7mm
Compression ratio 5.7:1
Induction Piston port and reed valve
Lubrication System Autolube
Starting system Kick starter
Clutch Wet, multiplate
Gearbox 5-speed, constant mesh
Carburettor Mikuni VM16SH
Battery 6V 4AH
Charging system Flywheel magneto
Ignition type Magneto

Identification (uk)[edit]

Model Frame/Engine number Production code Model year
DT50M 2M9-000101 on 2M9 1978
DT50M 2M9-100101 on 2M9 1979
DT50M 2M9-200101 on 2M9 1980

The Model year is not necessarily the same as the year of sale or first registration.