Yamaha FZX750

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Yamaha FZX750
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Also calledFZX700 or FZX700S Fazer (US)
EngineFZX750: 749 cc (45.7 cu in)
FZX700: 698 cc (42.6 cu in)
Top speedFZX750:
FZX700: 130–137 mph (209–220 km/h) @ 9500 rpm[1][2]
FZX700: 85 hp (63 kW) @ 9500 rpm[1]
65 hp (48 kW) (rear wheel)[3]
Wheelbase1,520 mm (59.8 in)
Seat height750 mm (29.5 in)
FZX700: 440 lb (200 kg)[1] (dry)
223 kg (492 lb)[4] (wet)
Fuel capacity13 L; 2.8 imp gal (3.4 US gal)
Fuel consumption4.94 L/100 km; 57.2 mpg‑imp (47.6 mpg‑US)

The Yamaha FZX750 was a motorcycle made by Yamaha from the early 1980s until the mid-1990s. The US version was the FZX700 Fazer, imported only in 1986 and 1987, with a 50 cc smaller engine displacement to avoid import tariffs on motorcycles larger than 700 cc.[1]

Its engine was a retuned version of the four-stroke DOHC twenty-valve four-cylinder inline engine found in the FZ750, producing ten BHP less than the 105 of the sports model, but having a stronger midrange.[citation needed] It had an almost solid rear wheel, low seat, and more chrome than would normally be expected. Unusually, it had downdraft carburettors built into the design of the thirteen-litre tank.


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