Yamaha RGX

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Yamaha RGX
Yamaha RGX521D.jpg
Yamaha RGX521D guitar
Manufacturer Yamaha
Period 1987 - present
Body type Solid
Neck joint Bolt-on or neck-through
Bridge locking vibrato
Pickup(s) H-S-H

The Yamaha RGX and RGZ electric guitars Series are manufactured by the Yamaha Corporation and bear a close resemblance to the Ibanez RG series, the Jackson Soloist and other "superstrat" enhanced copies of the Fender Stratocaster.[citation needed] These Taiwan-made instruments were introduced in 1987.[1]

RGX Series guitars often have 24 or more frets and a bolt-on neck. Some high-end models use a neck-through-body design.[1] Some come with Yamaha active pickups, two single coils and one humbucker.

Most of these instruments were generally known as RGZ, including the RGZ820R, a custom plaid graphic model with two humbuckers and a Floyd Rose licensed locking tremolo, played by rock guitarist Blues Saraceno.

The RGX guitars were upgraded in 2003 with a 3D headstock sporting a 3+3 tuner layout and a piezo bridge option for acoustic-like tones.[1] Famous endorsees of the RGX/RGZ guitars included Blues Saraceno and Ty Tabor of King's X, who got his namesake RGX-TT and RGX-TTD6 signature models in 2000.

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