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Yamaha C3
Also calledYamaha Vox (Japan), Yamaha Giggle (Europe)
Production2007–2011(US) 2007–2012(Canada)
Engine49 cc liquid-cooled, fuel injected 4-stroke, electronic ignition
Bore x stroke: 38.0 mm x 43.5 mm
Compression ratio: 12.0:1
Top speed37 mph
TransmissionV-belt automatic
SuspensionFront: Telescopic fork
Rear: Unit swing
BrakesFront/Rear: 110mm drum
TiresFront/Rear: 120/90-10
Wheelbase50.4 in (1,280 mm)
DimensionsL: 73.0 in (1,854 mm)
W: 27.0 in (686 mm)
H: 41.1 in (1,044 mm)
Seat height28.9 in (734 mm)
Weight198 lb (90 kg) (dry)
Fuel capacity1.2 US gallons (4.5 l)

The Yamaha XF50 (marketed as the C3 in North America, Vox in Japan, and Giggle in Europe) is a liquid cooled 49cc four-stroke motor scooter made by Yamaha Motor Company.It is notable for the"box"-like rear section and seat which accommodates it.


  • Liquid-cooled three-valve, 49cc four-stroke engine
  • 5HP, 3.8Kw, 5.2PS @ 8,000rpm
  • 3.4 Ft Lbs Torque, 4.6 Nm @ 6,500rpm
  • Electronic fuel injection featuring a 19 mm Mikuni throttle body
  • 1.2 US gallon gas tank (just under 1 UK Gallon)
  • Automatic "V-belt" continuously-variable automatic transmission with centrifugal clutch
  • Electric push-button starter with kick start backup
  • Air-induction system and exhaust catalyst technology to reduce air pollution


  • 120/90-10 front and rear tires
  • Steel tube frame
  • Hydraulic motorcycle-type front fork with 2.3 inches of travel
  • Front apron that turns with the handlebars
  • Instrument display that includes speedometer, fuel gauge, high-beam indicator light, and engine management indicator lights

Fuel Economy[edit]

The United States Environmental Protection Agency mileage estimates for the C3 are up to 115 miles per gallon (2L per 100 km), depending upon how it is ridden, maintenance, road conditions, cargo, and driver/passenger weight.

Speed Limitations[edit]

In North America, the C3's top speed is limited by the factory via a washer on the end of the boss shaft of the V-belt transmission. This washer limits how close the belt sheaves can come together, thus limiting the potential front diameter of the belt at full throttle. Removal of the washer is possible with simple tools and will increase the top speed to an RPM limited of 40 mph, although damage caused by modification is excluded from the Yamaha warranty.[1]

In Europe the Giggle Primary sheave variator (Part No 15PE76200000 ) is different from its US C3 version (Part No 3XYE7620010). This limits the Giggle to 31 MPH, even down hill. However the US version is freely available in the UK, NL & Germany. With no further modification it will allow the Giggle to get to 38MPH on level roads and >40 mph down hill. The effect of removing the tiny washer that sits between the two 'cones' is a gain of 1-2 mph however research has shown that moving the washer behind the primary Sheave has the same effect and improves the geometry of the V-belt. These modifications may contravene the law in certain EU states and void insurance !

The Giggle also has a slightly lower rev limit.

Red 2008 Yamaha c3 XF50



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