Yamaha XJ600

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Yamaha 600 XJ.JPG
Manufacturer Yamaha
Also called Yamaha FJ600
Production 1984-1991
Successor Yamaha Diversion/Seca II
Class Standard
Engine 600cc, air-cooled, DOHC inline-4
Power 72 hp / 52.6 kW
Transmission 6-speed
Suspension telescopic forks
mono-shock rear
Brakes Front: dual disc
Rear: disc
Tires Front: 90/90-18,
Weight 467 lbs / 212 kg (wet)
Fuel capacity 5.3 gallons / 20 liters
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The Yamaha XJ600 is a motorcycle manufactured by Yamaha. It is a relatively light motorcycle with top half fairing and around 72 bhp (54 kW). The XJ600 was built from 1984 until 1991, when it was replaced with the Yamaha Diversion/Seca II. In North America, the bike was sold as the FJ600. The 1984 Yamaha XJ600 and FJ600 were notable for being the first Japanese inline-4 motorcycles with a displacement of 600cc.[1] They are also one of the first inline-4 motorcycles to use mono-shock rear suspension.

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