Yamaha YM2414

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Yamaha YM2414

The YM2414, a.k.a. OPZ, is an eight-channel sound chip developed by Yamaha. It was used in many mid-market phase/frequency modulation-based synthesizers, including Yamaha's TX81Z (the first product to feature it, and was named after), DX11, YS200 family, the Korg Z3 guitar synthesizer, and many other devices. A successor was released as the upgraded OPZII/YM2424, used only in the Yamaha V50.

The OPZ has the following features:

  • Eight concurrent FM channels
  • Four operators per channel
  • Eight selectable waveforms
  • Fixed-frequency mode, which can go much lower in the OPZII, enabling 0 Hz carriers or low rates for native chorusing
  • Dual low frequency oscillators


The chip was used in the PortaTone PSR-80 and PSR-6300.[1]

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