Yamaha YPG-625

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A Yamaha YPG-625

The YPG-625 is a digital keyboard manufactured by Yamaha. It is an 88-key Portable Grand Keyboard.


The 625 sports a number of features, including a large LCD display, 88 weighted hammer-action keys. Lower keys are weighted heavier than the upper keys like a real piano, and 500 "voices" (instrument sounds that the keyboard can make).

Included are multiple piano sounds, various guitars, choral voices, drum kits, string instruments and symphonic band instruments. All are then remixed and combined as separate voices with the XGlite technology, taking ~130 voices and yielding 450. The last 50 voices are that of random, non-musical sounds, such as car crashes, various footsteps, and explosions. It has 32-note/voice polyphony and can be used up very quickly with sustained piano notes.

The instrument also includes 30 built-in instrumental songs, a 6-track recording capability, and 150 accompaniments. Seventy more MIDI songs can be downloaded from the included CD-ROM, and also many more are available on Yamaha's website.

Computer/USB connectivity[edit]

Through the instrument's B-type USB port, a computer can be attached to the instrument for recording or playback of MIDI files or uploading files to the instrument's flash memory through the use of the included Musicsoft downloader software. This makes it possible to load additional song and style data. Instrument settings may also be downloaded for backup/recovery purposes.

The keyboard also has an A-type USB plug for attaching a USB flash drive. Additional songs or style files may be stored on the drive, and recorded songs may offload from the instrument to the device.