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Yamal 601 (Ямал-601)
Mission typeCommunication
OperatorGazprom Space Systems
Spacecraft properties
SpacecraftYamal 601
Spacecraft typeYamal 601
ManufacturerISS Reshetnev (bus)
Thales Alenia Space (payload)
Start of mission
Launch datePlanned:30 May 2019
Launch siteBaikonur
Orbital parameters
Reference systemGEO
Band18 C-band transponders, 19 Ku-band transponders, 26 Ka-band transponders
Frequency18 C band
19 Ku band
26 Ka band

Yamal 601 (Russian: Ямал-601) is a geostationary communications satellite ordered by Gazprom Space Systems to ISS Reshetnev on the Ekspress-2000 platform for its Yamal program.[1][2] The Ekspress-2000 platform is the heavy version, which can weigh up to 3,500 kg (7,700 lb) and generate up to 14 kW of power on an unpressurized bus designed for direct GEO injection with 15 years of design life. Its payload will be supplied by Thales Alenia Space and is composed of 18 C band, 19 Ku band and 26 Ka band transponders for a 36 MHz equivalent of 52 transponders.[2] It will replace Yamal 202 on 49°E when it reaches its end of service around 2018.[3]


In 2013 Gazprom Board decided on a new plan. It required two new spacecraft: Yamal-501 and Yamal-601.[4] In January 2014 Gazprom and Thales announced a contract for a new spacecraft, Yamal-601.[5][6] In 2015 the Yamal-401 history would repeat itself, and the contract of Yamal-601 with Thales was cancelled was assigned to ISS Reshetnev, but Thales was again allowed to keep the payload supply.[2]

See also[edit]

  • Yamal – communication satellite family operated by Gazprom Space Systems
  • Gazprom Space Systems – satellite communication division of the Russian oil giant Gazprom
  • Ekspress – the satellite bus on which Yamal 601 will be based
  • ISS Reshetnev – the designer and manufacturer of the Yamal 601 satellite


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