Yamaman Yūkarigaoka Line

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Yūkarigaoka Line
Yūkarigaoka Line carriages at Yūkarigaoka Station
Yūkarigaoka Line carriages at Yūkarigaoka Station
Line length: 4.1 km (2.5 mi)
Voltage: 750 DC
LeftKeisei: Main LineRight
Inside one of the trains in motion, 2014

The Yūkarigaoka Line (ユーカリが丘線 Yūkarigaoka Sen?) is a Japanese people mover of Yamaman Co., Ltd., the developer of Yūkarigaoka town. The line, which opened in two stages between November 2, 1982 and September 22, 1983, runs from Yūkarigaoka Station and the entire route is in Sakura, Chiba. The line takes a racket-shaped route as shown in the route diagram.


  • Length: 4.1 km
  • Stations: 6
  • Track: single
  • Traction: electric 750 V DC

Operation and stations[edit]

All trains stop at all stations, go through the direction as listed below. Connection to other line is only at Yūkarigaoka Station to Keisei Electric Railway Main Line.

Yūkarigaoka line seen from Kōen station

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