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The Third Yamano-kai (山野会, Sandaime Yamano-kai) was a yakuza group based in Kumamoto, Kyushu, Japan.[1] It was a secondary organization of the Kumamoto-rengo (熊本連合).

Founded by Yoshiaki Yamano in 1954 under the name "Shinsen-gumi" (新選組), it changed its name to "Yamano-kai" in 1956. Masatoshi Minoda succeeded as its president in 1972, and Tetsuo Ikeda became the president in 1986.[1]

The group dissolved in April 2001. However, many of its members formed a new group, the Sanshin-kai, in September of that year.

The Yamano-kai was designated by the Japanese police as a bōryokudan group from December 1992 to November 2001.

Successive presidents[edit]