Yamauchi Toyoshige

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Yamauchi Toyoshige

Yamauchi Toyoshige (山内 豊信?, 1827–1872), also known as Yamauchi Yōdō (山内 容堂?), was a Japanese daimyo in the Shikoku region in the late Edo period.[1]


Yamauchi was the 15th head of the Tosa Domain. He worked with Yoshida Toyo to reform and modernize Tosa and Japan. He opposed the treaties of the Ansei era. In 1859, he was forced to retire.[1]

In 1862 he was appointed sanyo (参与). In 1867 he advised Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobu to carry out Taisei Houkan (the return of power to the Emperor).

Preceded by
Yamauchi Toyoatsu
Lord of Tosa
Succeeded by
Yamauchi Toyonori

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