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Yamar Electronics Ltd.
Fabless semiconductor companies
Industry Semiconductors
Founded 1994
Headquarters Tel Aviv, Israel

Integrated Circuits

Power line communication
Website www.yamar.com

Yamar[1] specializes in semiconductor devices and technology for communication over noisy AC and DC battery power lines. The DC-BUS technology enables the transfer of both power and data over a single line .

Utilizing advanced digital communication techniques, tailored for overcoming the hostile and noisy environment encountered in power lines,[2] is the basis for variety of semiconductor devices and products.[3]

Reducing wiring cost and weight, and increasing reliability of conductors is a strategic goal in many industries. DC-BUS power line communications provide an alternative solution for data transfer in industries such as automotive, avionics, industrial, and others. To enable use of power line communication in automotive architecture, devices were developed for each of the multiplexed data bus protocols such as CAN, LIN/UART. The devices operate as smart transceivers thus simplifying system integration.

Power line communication has been used in the EU-SPARC project, coordinated by Daimler,[4] for providing redundant CAN link between a Truck and its Trailer [5] as well as for a unique Backlight-control using the LIN protocol over a single powerline.[6] Yamar is a partner in the European SCARLETT project,[7] with a mission to demonstrate reduction of wires in the aviation platforms.[8]


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