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Teaser for the new Yamara chapter, "The Working Title War".
Author(s)Barbara Manui & Chris Adams
Current status/scheduleOn Hiatus
Launch dateMay 1988 (online May 23, 2005)[1]

Yamara is a comic strip created by Barbara Manui and Chris Adams, and is a satire of role-playing games and fantasy settings. It debuted in Dragon Magazine with the June 1988 issue, and ran until the December 1995 issue. A Yamara collection (up through at least the feature from Dragon No. 202, and including descriptions of each of the characters), was released circa 1994.[2] This collection was original published by Steve Jackson Games, and later became available on the Yamara website.[2] A handful of new episodes reappeared online as early as December 1996, and the web strip series officially relaunched online in 2005. The old episodes from Dragon and Valkyrie magazines are currently all online. A new chapter, "The Working Title War," was posted on Thursdays from May 23, 2005 to October 5, 2006.


Yamara, a collection of the first five years of the magazine strip, was published in 1994 by Steve Jackson Games.


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