Yamashina Station

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Yamashina Station
Yamashina Station platform, April 2007
Location Yamashina, Kyoto, Kyoto
Coordinates 34°59′32.41″N 135°49′1.50″E / 34.9923361°N 135.8170833°E / 34.9923361; 135.8170833Coordinates: 34°59′32.41″N 135°49′1.50″E / 34.9923361°N 135.8170833°E / 34.9923361; 135.8170833
Operated by
Passengers 23,454,000 (JR West, FY2012)
14,976,000 (Subway, FY2012)
1,182,000 (Keihan, 2012)[1]

Yamashina Station (山科駅 Yamashina-eki?) is a train station in Yamashina-ku ward, city of Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan.

The station has two separated sections: underground subway section and above-ground JR section. In addition, Keihan Yamashina Station (京阪山科駅 Keihan Yamashina-eki?) on the Keishin Line of Keihan Electric Railway is located just in front of the JR station. This article also covers the Keihan station.



Yamashina Station (JR West)[edit]

Yamashina subway platform, April 2005

The JR station has two island platforms with four tracks.

1  JR Kyōto Line for Kyoto and Osaka
(trains from the Kosei Line, limited express "Biwako Express", part of special rapid service)
Kansai Airport Limited Express "Haruka 3" for Kansai Airport
2  JR Kyōto Line for Kyoto and Osaka (trains from the Biwako Line)
3  Biwako Line for Kusatsu and Maibara (local trains, special rapid service)
 Kosei Line for Katata and Ōmi-Imazu
4  Biwako Line for Kusatsu and Maibara (special rapid service in the morning, limited express "Biwako Express")
 through to the Kusatsu Line for Kusatsu and Kibukawa
 Kosei Line for Katata and Ōmi-Imazu (part of trains in the rush hour)
  • This station is an intermediate station on the "Biwako Line", but only the Tokaido Line for Maibara is informed as that common name, and the line for Kyoto and Osaka is as the "JR Kyoto Line". There are trains of the Biwako Line and the Kosei Line between this station and Kyoto.

Yamashina Station (Kyoto Subway Tozai Line)[edit]

The subway station has an island platform with two tracks.

1  Tōzai Line for Karasuma Oike and Uzumasa Tenjingawa
2  Tōzai Line for Daigo and Rokujizō

Keihan Yamashina Station (Keihan Keishin Line)[edit]

Keihan Station platform, November 2007

The Keihan station has two side platforms with two tracks.

north side  Keishin Line for Hamaōtsu
Change trains at Hamaotsu for Ishiyamadera and Sakamoto
south side  Keishin Line for Sanjō Keihan, Kyōto Shiyakusho-mae and Uzumasa Tenjingawa
Change trains at Sanjo Keihan for the Keihan Line (Demachiyanagi, Osaka (Yodoyabashi, Nakanoshima))

Adjacent stations[edit]

« Service »
West Japan Railway Company (JR West) (Yamashina)
Tōkaidō Line (Biwako Line)
Ōtsu   Local   Kyoto
Ōtsu   Special Rapid Service   Kyoto
Kosei Line
Kyoto   Local   Ōtsukyō
Kyoto   Rapid Service   Ōtsukyō
Kyoto   Special Rapid Service   Ōtsukyō
Kyoto Municipal Subway (Yamashina)
Tōzai Line (T07)
Higashino (T06) - Misasagi (T08)
Keihan Electric Railway (Keihan Yamashina)
Keishin Line
Misasagi - Shinomiya

Yamashina Station (first)[edit]

« Service »
Japanese Government Railway Tōkaidō Line (Old route)
Ōtani - Inari


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