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Yambuya is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates: 1°15′49″N 24°33′10″E / 1.263669°N 24.552813°E / 1.263669; 24.552813Coordinates: 1°15′49″N 24°33′10″E / 1.263669°N 24.552813°E / 1.263669; 24.552813
Country Democratic Republic of Congo
District Tshopo
Territory Banalia

Yambuya is a community in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, on the Aruwimi River, roughly due north of Yangambi. The river is navigable as far as Yambuya, but is blocked by cataracts further upstream.

Yambuya was made a base for the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition of 1886 to 1889, when an expedition led by Henry Morton Stanley went cross-country to the relief of Emin Pasha, General Charles Gordon's besieged governor of Equatoria, threatened by Mahdist forces.[1]