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Yamchi is located in Iran
Coordinates: 38°31′24″N 45°38′16″E / 38.52333°N 45.63778°E / 38.52333; 45.63778Coordinates: 38°31′24″N 45°38′16″E / 38.52333°N 45.63778°E / 38.52333; 45.63778
Country  Iran
Province East Azerbaijan
County Marand
Bakhsh Yamchi
Population (2006)
 • Total 10.000
Time zone IRST (UTC+3:30)
 • Summer (DST) IRDT (UTC+4:30)
Website Yamchi.net
Truffle Yamchi
Pistachio Yamchi
Paladin rock (the rock is like the body of a warrior)
Natural stone columns Yamchi mountain-village Yengejeh
Pass Road yamchi

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Yamchi one of the cities of the province and the city center is part Yamchi. Yamchi very good climate with cool winters and summers dream. The scenery is beautiful and the people warm and hospitable nature Chshmgyrv.


Yamchi in the last national census in 1390 recorded a population of over 10,000 people. Statistical Center of Iran


With an area of 850 square kilometers centered Yamchi Yamchi part of the geographical coordinates 38 degrees 27 minutes north latitude and 45 degrees east longitude has been V43 minutes. On the north side of the city of Julfa from the East to the West in the central city of Maku and Khoy city Julfa and to the south central part of the city of Marand is limited.


This section is based on divisions with 31 villages. Villages Yamchi functions include:

Zu ol Bin[edit]

Baruj Markid, Marand 1. 2. 3. 4. Arbatan, Heris Farfar 5- üst 6-Ashaqa Livar Livar 7-herder 8-Ghomeishi Aghyl 9-Khraba Markid, Marand 10-hawk Qyh thirty 11-Golozar 12-Rumquyusi 13-Qalandar


1-unit 2-Ykanlya Kahrizi 3-CD unit 4. The Kennedy 5-Amir Abad 6-Yengejeh, Hamadan 7-Yengejeh, Hamadan Yaranmsh 8-Arab Kahrizi 9-AQ Kahrizi 10-Ashaqa Kahrizi 11-Shamqly Sfl 12-Moghulu 13-Quchali Kennedy 14-Plngvr 15-Kaiser 16-Habib Kennedy Ministry of the Interior

Historical sites and natural promenade[edit]

Natural Promenade[edit]

Wetlands Qyraj (ürta, üst, Lower), wetlands Kahrizi heart, wetlands Mahmvt berries, Nagorno Ghyl pond, fountain Qyzl Dash, rock Dyvh Dashi, their lush wetlands, rock hero Dashi, Rock Mill Qyh

The main rivers are the river which crosses the city Yamchi Aghchay noted.

Historic Places[edit]

Yamchi Silk Road, which crosses the city along the Silk Road in Yamchi an old cemetery that is related to the Silk Road travelers.

  • Castle Zu ol Bin
  • Fort Deen
  • Castle Livar
  • Home Walnut Castle Kennedy
  • Klkhana Mchydy (mosque emam zaman (a))
  • Mahmvt Tut's tomb
  • First Millennium Cemetery unit Saadi
  • Upper unit of the old cemetery
  • Old cemetery ruins Markid, Marand



Yamchi pistachio nut varieties of the finest mountain of the mountainous areas of cultivation Yamchi Myshvd.bagh Yamchi pistachios from Iran's largest pistachio orchards are considered. Pistachio mountain high price.


Wild Mushroom truffle is a valuable and expensive, especially in Azerbaijan is very found of Arasbaran and Yamchi District (of Qrmztyrh) .kh Truffle Truffle Yamchi than in other areas of high quality. And high prices in different markets Tsbt into other product areas.

Historical Market[edit]

Wednesday Market[edit]

Yamchi city from its beginnings during the week with a market across the region and is popular in Azerbaijan. The market is already in place and has not lost its prosperity. However, because many shops and market irregular activity in the rest of Yamchi little lost its glory and prosperity. The market is at a place called in the old neighborhood market (market management) that has been established to prevent the movement of traffic in the city center with a short (thirty to forty yards) held in front of the mosque.

Livestock market Yamchi[edit]

Yamchi livestock market is held on Sundays in the city's historic background and still remains on the road Yamchi-Livar.

Language, religion[edit]

Yamchi the Turkic-speaking people who, People are Shiite Muslims and the Yamchi which minorities also live in Yamchi.


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