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Church of Saint Nicholas

Yamnytsia (Ukrainian: Ямниця, Polish: Jamnica) is a village of Tysmenytsia Raion, Ukraine, just few miles north from Ivano-Frankivsk. The village is better known for the Battle of Yamnytsia during the Kerensky Offensive, when the Russian Imperial Army successfully secured area north of Stanislau for a brief period of time (June 27-July 6, 1917). During the battle, all the Kornilov Strike regiment soldiers were awarded the Cross of St. George.

Today the village is better known for the chemical factory Barva that was built in 1975 as a factory of fine organic syntheses.

Yamnytsia is connected with Ivano-Frankivsk by means of public transport, such as trolleybus and local train services.

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Coordinates: 48°59′24″N 24°42′32″E / 48.990°N 24.709°E / 48.990; 24.709