Yampi Sound

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Map of Yampi Sound

Yampi Sound is a part of the Indian Ocean off the coast of northwestern Australia, located between King Sound and Collier Bay. The islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago, located in the sound, contain rich silver and iron ore deposits. The high grade iron ore deposits have been mined in the Sound since the 1950s. A copper mine also operated at Coppermine Creek on the mainland side of the sound.[1]

Many creeks discharge directly into the sound including Coppermine Creek, Crocodile Creek, Silvergull Creek and Dogleg Creek.

The traditional owners of the areas around the sound are the Umiida peoples.[2]

The sound contains many islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago the largest being Koolan Island; others include: Cockatoo Island, Irvine Island, Bathurst Island, Finch Islands, Hidden Island, Baylis Islands and Iron Islands.

The sound was named in 1838 by Commander John Lort Stokes who named Yampee Point, Yampee being the local Indigenous peoples word for water.[3]

During World War II, several raids were launched against the Japanese forces in Borneo and Java using Catalina Flying Boats by the Royal Australian Air Force from Cockatoo Island in Yampi Sound.[4]

The Australian Defence Force has maintained a training facility at Yampi Sound since the 1970s.[5]


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Coordinates: 16°07′38″S 123°33′36″E / 16.12722°S 123.56000°E / -16.12722; 123.56000 (Yampi Sound)