Yan District

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Yan District
Malaysia District of Malaysia
Daerah Yan
Other transcription(s)
 • Chinese 铅县
 • Tamil யான்
Yan District is located in Malaysia
Yan District
Yan District
Location of Yan District in Malaysia
Coordinates: 5°48′N 100°22′E / 5.800°N 100.367°E / 5.800; 100.367Coordinates: 5°48′N 100°22′E / 5.800°N 100.367°E / 5.800; 100.367
Country  Malaysia
State  Kedah
Seat Yan Besar
Local area government(s) Yan District Council
 • District officer Yusri Daud[1]
 • Total 241.78 km2 (93.35 sq mi)
Population (2010)[3]
 • Total 67,653
 • Density 280/km2 (720/sq mi)
Time zone MST (UTC+8)
 • Summer (DST) Not observed (UTC+8)
Postcode 06xxx
Calling code +6-04
Vehicle registration plates K

The Yan District is a district in Kedah, Malaysia. It is bordered by Kota Setar District to the north, Pendang District to the northeast and Kuala Muda District to the south. Yan District is along the coast of the Straits of Malacca. It is the smallest municipality in Kedah.

"Yan Besar" is the administrative town of Yan district, complete with administrative facilities such like Police Stations, magistrate court, district and land office. Its lifestyle is laid-back and slow-paced, with weekend attractions of natural waterfalls nearby. It also attract most pensioners to build their dream house for pleasant retirement or nurture some local fruit orchards. The waterfalls derived from the Jerai Mountain are known as Seri Perigi,[4] Tangga Kenari/Titi Hayun,[5] Batu Hampar [6] and Puteri Mandi.[7]

It is also famous for Mount Jerai, which is the tallest peak in Kedah at 1242 metres (3,235 ft) and is easily accessible from the town.Visitors can climb by stairs to the peak of Mount Jerai via Titi Hayun.

Pulau Bunting Bridge is a bridge that connects Pulau Bunting to Yan district. It is the only bridge connecting an island in Kedah.

People from Yan[edit]


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