Yan Yan Chan

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Yan Yan Chan
Born (1979-12-05) December 5, 1979 (age 37)
Genres hip hop
Occupation(s) musician
Years active 2000–present
Associated acts Acid

Yan Yan Chan (Burmese: ရန်ရန်ချမ်း, pronounced: [jàɴ jàɴ tɕʰáɴ]; born 5 December 1979) is a pioneer of Burmese hip hop and pro-democracy activist. Along with Zayar Thaw, he founded the group Acid.[1]


In 2000, Acid released Burma's first hip-hop album. Despite predictions of failure by many in the Burmese music industry, the album, Beginning, remained in the number one position of the Burmese charts for more than two months.[1] A Democratic Voice of Burma reporter described his music as blending a "combative, angry style with indigenous poeticism".[2] The band's repertoire has been said to contain many "thinly veiled attacks on the regime".[3] The Independent stated that while the band "focused on the mundane, their lyrics inevitably touched on the hardships of life in Burma, drawing them into dangerous territory." [4]

Generation Wave[edit]

Following the 2007 uprising against the State Peace and Development Council, Burma's military rulers, Yan Yan Chan's bandmate Zayar Thaw helped found the pro-democracy youth movement Generation Wave.[1] Though not an original founder, Yan Yan Chan became involved in the group as well.[5] Generation Wave used graffiti and pamphlets to spread messages opposing the SPDC.[1] and distributed bumper stickers reading "Change New Government" to apply to cars carrying "CNG" stickers (originally for "compressed natural gas").[1] The group also circulated anti-government films, including Rambo,[6] in which the titular character battles Tatmadaw (Burmese military) soldiers in Karen State.[7] The film had been banned by the government for portraying the SPDC and its soldiers in a negative light.[8]

In March 2008, several Generation Wave members were arrested for their anti-government activities, including Zayar Thaw, who was charged with membership in an illegal organization and possession of foreign currency.[9] On 18 April, Yan Yan Chan was also arrested in the Upper Burma town of Monywa, reportedly along with his longtime girlfriend Chilli.[5][10] Reporters Without Borders speculated that Yan Yan Chan was arrested due to "lyrics in some of his songs referring to the lack of press freedom".[11]

After nearly a year's detention, he was released without charges on 7 January 2009.[5]


In March 2010, Yan Yan Chan and Chilli announced their intention to wed.[12] On 4 April, they got married in a ceremony at the Traders Hotel in Yangon.[13]


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