Yana Yana

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"Yana Yana
يانا يانا"
Single by Sabah
Genre Arab Pop
Label Morsi Jamil Aziz, Baligh Hamdi
"Yana Yana
يانا يانا"
Single by Sabah and Rola
Released 2009
Recorded 2009
Genre Arab Pop
Sabah and Rola singles chronology
"Yana Yana
يانا يانا
Music video
"Yana Yana" on YouTube

"Yana Yana" (in Arabic يانا يانا) is a famous Arabic language song in Egyptian Arabic by the Lebanese pan-Arab singer Sabah.

Lyrics are written by Morsy Jamil Aziz and music is by Baligh Hamdi. The song enjoys huge popularity in the Arab World.

There was a remake of the song as a duet between Sabah and newcomer Rola Saad.[1]