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Yanaca Tunay Kassa 9.JPG
Ruins of a house in Tunay Q'asa village
LocationYanaca District, Aymaraes Province, Apurimac Region, Peru

Yanaca is a pre-inca ruins group situated in Peru, Apurimac Region, Aymaraes Province, Yanaca District. These villages from the pre-inca epoch are located in the surroundings of the current town of Yanaca, in the Andes Mountains, between the Quechua & Suni regions.

These ruins are called Tunay Q'asa (one of these ancient village, situated at 4 km from the village Yanaca), Yawarcco, Chacha Calla, Fiturumi, Corra Corralpata, Ccalamocco, Tapuray, Wamani Pata, Antaccarcca, Puccochoco, inter alia. The region too has a great quantity of terraces built by that pre-incas which are still used today by the local peasants. These terraces are some of the most important in Peru, as far as quantity is concerned.