Yanbu International School

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Yanbu International School
Saudi Arabia
PrincipalJohnathan Acker
GradesKG - Grade 12
Enrollment450 (for 2015-2016 year)
Color(s)         Black and White

Yanbu International School (YIS) is an accredited K -12 college preparatory school offering an American curriculum open to students of all nationalities. It is located in the residential area of the Royal Commission of the coastal city of Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Accredited by the Middle States Association, it is part of the International Schools Group, an organization that runs eight schools across Saudi Arabia. It is directed by the head district and the Board of Trustees in Dhahran, and licensed by the Saudi Arabian Ministry of Education.


Established by the Royal Commission in 1979, Yanbu International School was initially administered by International Schools Services, Inc. Then, in 1988, YIS became a member of Saudi Arabian International Schools, Dhahran District (SAIS-DD). Finally in 1998, it became a part of International Schools Group (ISG).

YIS is accredited by Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


The school follows an American curriculum. The primary language of instruction is English.

In addition to the core curriculum of Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies, classes in Music, Art, Information Literacy, Computer Technology, Arabic Language and Culture, French Language, and Physical Education are also available. An extensive elective program is available in the secondary grade levels (grades 6 to 12).


Yanbu International School Hard court

YIS has a library containing over 30,000 volumes with a computerized cataloging system. There are also computer labs, indoor and outdoor PE facilities, facilities for music and art, a shaded playground, and a cafeteria, which can hold around 150 students. It also provides a nursery in which staff members' youngest children are cared for during school hours.


The school has approximately 450 students (for the 2015 - 2016 academic year), with an age range of 4 to 18. The school is divided into 4 levels: lower elementary school, higher elementary school, middle school, and high school. 30% of the students are Pakistani, 14% are Indian, 12% are American, 11% are Malaysian, 8% are Filipino, 7% are Canadian, 2% are British, 2% are Saudi Arabian, 2% are South Korean, and 2% are South African. The remaining 10% of students represent an additional 15 countries (including, but not limited to, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Nigeria, Indonesia, and Turkey).

Graduating seniors have been accepted to universities in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Pakistan, India, the Philippines, Malaysia, and the Middle East.


Y.I.S. has thirty-one classroom teachers from various countries; the majority are sponsored from the United States and Canada. They are assisted by twelve teacher assistants who also provide supervision outside the classrooms. The administration also includes a business office manager, an administrative secretary, a full-time librarian, a guidance counselor, a technology coordinator, and a nurse who provides medical assistance when necessary during school hours.

Activities and events[edit]

The school hosts a typical variety of extra-curricular activities for its students. Student activities include Student Council, major sports, various clubs, crafts, games, music, library, yearbook, and other activities based on student interest. The school offers an extensive after-school activities program, providing students with opportunities for intra-Kingdom travel and competition in a variety of athletic and academic events including soccer, basketball, volleyball, knowledge bowl, science fairs, spelling bees, table tennis, cricket, and softball.

Reflecting its status as an international school, each year the school always organizes a "UN Day".

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