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Yanco Agricultural High School
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Location Yanco, NSW

Yanco Agricultural High School is a co-educational agricultural secondary school located in Yanco in the local government area of Leeton in south western New South Wales. The school is one of four agricultural high schools in New South Wales which include Farrer Memorial Agricultural High School in Tamworth in northern New South Wales, James Ruse Agricultural High School in western Sydney and Hurlstone Agricultural High School in south-western Sydney. The school was officially opened in March 1922 and is the only residential boarding school in New South Wales to have no day students. The school serves the south of New South Wales and Victoria with the other schools serving the other regions of the state. Yanco Agricultural High School is located approximately 10 kilometres from the Leeton CBD along Euroley Road. YAHS has many traditions it follows. It also enjoys sport and plays around the district in school competitions, and in intertown competitions.

Buildings and capacity[edit]

It has an enrolment of over 370 students in 2012 and has reached its accommodation capacity. It has a class block (known as "the Old Class block") because of its age. The classblock has eight classrooms, a science lab, a computer lab, the English staffroom, and the Maths staffroom. There is a Technical and Applied Studies block which contains a TAS staffroom, three classrooms, a cooking room, a computer lab, and at the end (a demountable) an ex-science lab, now used as a classroom. There are woodwork and metalwork rooms in a building known as "the Hackey". There is another class block (known as "the New Classblock" or the "Brian Roberts Classblock"), which contains an Art/Music staffroom, HSIE staffroom, three classrooms, a music room, art rooms, and soon to be computer lab. There are offices in the historic McCaughey house.

There are five dormitory buildings (Mutch, Gardiner, Breakwell, Hindmarsh, Mason) where students sleep; girls and boys are separated from access after certain times.


YAHS was sited on land originally owned by Sir Samuel McCaughey (pronounced Mac-cak-ey). Most of the original farm land was resumed by the state government but over 700 acres (280 ha) were eventually turned into a school. It was opened in March 1922 but in that time students cleaned it up and made it fit for a school. The front building (McCaughey) is still there and is used as administrative offices.

In Popular Culture[edit]

The Yanco Agricultural High School War Cry[1] is chanted by the Mayor of the town of Paris during the town ball in the 1974 Peter Weir movie, The Cars That Ate Paris.

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