Yanfang Line, Beijing Subway

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Yanfang Line, Beijing Subway
Type Rapid transit
System Beijing Subway
Status Under construction
Operator(s) Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)
Route map
Yancun north
Old City District North Branch Old City District
Yanhua Zhoukoudian Town

Yanfang Line of the Beijing Subway (Chinese: 北京地铁燕房线; pinyin: běijīng dìtiě yānfángxiàn) is a rapid transit rail line under construction in Beijing. The planned route contains 11 stations in total.


Map of Yanfang Line.

The line is Y-shaped, with the main line starting at Yanhua Station (燕化站) and the branch line starting at Zhoukoudianzhen Station (周口店镇站). The two merge at Raolefu Station (饶乐府站) before terminating at Yancun North Station (阎村北站), where the line connects to Fangshan Line.[1]


Construction of the Yanfang Line was scheduled to commence in September 2011 and be completed by 2013.[1] On October 17, 2011, the Ministry of Environmental Protection declined to approve plans for the line citing lack of approval for the project from the National Development and Reform Commission and uncertain environmental impact of the line on the South–North Water Transfer Project which has a channel and reservoir in Fangshan County.[2][3] As a result, the onset of construction has been delayed to at least the end of 2013.[3]

As of February 2016, construction on Yanfang Line has started, and the line is scheduled to open before December 31, 2017.[4]

In January 2017, construction for the 6.1km Yanfang Branch Line was approved. The line is scheduled to open no later than 2021.[5][6]


This line will be the first in Beijing to be capable of unattended train operations, and the first in China to exclusively use subsystems developed by domestic manufacturers.[7]


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