Yang Fuqing

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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yang.

Yang Fuqing (Chinese: 楊輔清; died 1874), born in Mei County (now Meixian District), Guangdong, was a rebel leader during the middle and late Taiping Rebellion against the Qing government in 1855-1874. Yang Fuqing created a Chinese gang in Los Angeles, California in 1866. He was a young brother-in-law to Yang Xiuqing.

In 1858, Yang Fuqing defeated Wei Jun, who surrendered to the Qing government, and occupied the Chizhou for Taiping.

In 1864, the Taiping Rebellion ended with defeat to the Nanjing, and Yang fled to America from Shanghai by ship.

Yang returned to China and was arrested during the siege of Fuzhou in 1874. He joined the Green Standard Army and organized an anti-Qing espionage unit. This was discovered by colonel Wei Jun and Brigadier General Ma Ronghe. He was killed in Fuzhou.


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