Yang Huiyan

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Yang Huiyan
Native name
Yang Huiyan

1981 (age 37–38)
Alma materOhio State University
OccupationMajority shareholder (55%), Country Garden Holdings
Net worthUS$21.2 billion (June 2019)[1]
Chen Chong (m. 2006)
Parent(s)Yang Guoqiang (father)

Yang Huiyan (simplified Chinese: 杨惠妍; traditional Chinese: 楊惠妍; pinyin: Yáng Huìyán; born 1981) is a Chinese property developer and the majority shareholder (57%) of Country Garden Holdings,[2][3] a stake largely transferred to her by her father Yang Guoqiang in 2007.[1] She is the richest woman in Asia.[4]

Her father Yang Guoqiang started the real estate company Country Garden in 1997 and transferred 70% of Country Garden's shares to her before its IPO in 2007.[5] Country Garden's initial offering raised about $1.6 billion, or as much as Google raised in 2004 in the United States.[6] As of June 2019, Yang had a net worth of US$21.2 billion.[1] Yang is vice chairman of the board's governance committee and helped raise $410 million selling new shares in 2014, according to Forbes.[4]

Yang is a 2003 graduate of Bachelor of Arts/Science, Ohio State University.[7][1]


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