Yang Huiyan

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Yang Huiyan
Born 杨惠妍
1981 (age 36–37)
Shunde, Guangdong Province, China
Alma mater The Ohio State University
Occupation Majority shareholder (55%), Country Garden Holdings
Net worth US$25.8 billion (June 2018)[1]
Spouse(s) Chen Chong
Parent(s) Yang Guoqiang (father)

Yang Huiyan (Simplified Chinese: 杨惠妍, Traditional Chinese: 楊惠妍, Pinyin: Yáng Huìyán; born 1981) is a Chinese property developer and the majority shareholder (55%) of Country Garden Holdings.[2][3] She is the richest woman in Asia.[4]

She is the daughter of Yang Guoqiang, who started his company Biguiyuan in 1997[5] and transferred 70% of Country Garden's shares to her before its IPO in 2007.[6] The wealthiest mainland Chinese in the previous year, 2006, was Huang Guangyu.[7] Country Garden's initial offering raised about $1.6 billion, or as much as Google raised in 2004 in the United States.[8] As of June 2018, Yang had a net worth of US$25.8 billion.[9]

Yang is vice chairman of the board's governance committee and helped raise $410 million selling new shares in 2014, according to Forbes.[4] A share surge at Country Garden in January 2018 saw Yang Huiyan’s wealth increase by $2.1bn in the first four trading days of the year.[10]

Yang is a 2003 graduate of Ohio State University.[11]


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