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Yang Jing 杨静
Known forSwiss- Chinese Composer

Yang Jing (Chinese: 楊靜; pinyin: Yáng Jìng; born China) is a composer and Pipa soloist. She works in Switzerland since 2000.

Musical education[edit]

Yang's musical training started at the age of 6. In 1976 she went to the Henan opera music school at age of 12. Two years later she was chosen to work at the opera ensemble in Henan. A 1986 graduate of the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, where she undertook four years Chinese traditional music composition studies with Hu Dengtiao; two years traditional music research and Guqin study with Lin Youren; four years Pipa study with Ye Xuran. From 1986 she worked 12 years as the Pipa soloist of the China Central Traditional Orchestra in Beijing. Additionally she studied Pipa from Lin Shicheng and Wang Fandi in Beijing and made two years composition study under Minoru Miki which had been supported from the Japan International Artists Exchange Scholarship founds. Since 1998 she started to co-operating with Japan Arts Co. and Minoru Miki expanding her career as an active soloist worldwide. Since 2003 until today she based her home in Switzerland. She did a full-time Master in composition study in Bern.


From 1986 to 1998, Yang was the pipa soloist at the China National Traditional Orchestra in Beijing. In 1998, Yang was represented by arts agencies as a soloist and composer. This allowed her to pursue international musical opportunities while continuing to live in Beijing. Since then, Yang has founded and co-founded musical ensembles in Asia and in Europe. These progressive ensembles are instrumental quartets, Duos with drums, organ, electric guitar, vocalists and Asian /western Instrumental Ensembles. YANG Jing won the Chinese National Pipa performing Prize in Beijing 1989 by playing the ancient piece in her performing score 'Ambush from Ten Sides' and Composition Price for her composition 'Nine Jade Chains'.

YANG Jing has worked with many composers, conductors and orchestra musicians such as: Minoru Miki, Daniel Schnyder, Mo Fan, Tan Dun, Chen Yi, Thüring Bräm, Kudo Takeo, Zhou Long, Wen Deqing, Donald Reid Womack, Thomas Osborne (musician), Julian Philips, Kurt Masur, Naoto Otomo, Muhai Tang, Misha Rachlevsky, Peter Siegwart; Wolfgang Sieber, Daniel Dodds; Irina Ungureanu, Maruta Staravoitava, Florian Arnicans, Angela Koeck, Hr-Sinfonieorchester, BBC National Orchestra of Wales, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, chamberorchestrakremlin, Zürcher Kammerorchester, Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Template:New National Theater Tokyo,Template:Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and others.

As a composer J.Yang has premiered many new works for pipa such as concertos and operas which have been composed for her by composers of various different cultural backgrounds, such as Minoru Miki's opera: «Aien»«爱怨». Yang's: «Along the Old Silk Road», «Eastern Spirit» and «Yang Jing in Concert» solo concerts have toured in Asia, Europe, America and Africa. In 2002, in name «YANG Jing and YUI Ensemble» she won «Traditional Music Contribution prize» at the Festa International Chamber-Ensemble Competition in Osaka, Japan.

From 2001 to 2005, Yang was the co-founder and musical director of the Silk Road Festival which toured Japan. From 2006 to 2010, also in Japan together with composer Minoru Miki worked for the «Hokuto International Music Festival» as international music director.

She is very active in collaboration with Jazz musicians, such as: Max Roach, Pierre Favre, Arnie Lawrence, Christy Doran, Norbert Pfammatter, Bänz Oester, Michel Wintsch, Daniel Pezzotti, Gerry Hemingway and many others. Yang did a master study in Jazz composition and arrangement with Frank Sikora among other Professors in Bern.


Her compositions for Ensembles, orchestras, choir, musical theater, concertos and Bands, as well as for film music have been premièred in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, China and United States.

  • Yang's earliy compositions for pipa include
    • Nine Jade Chains (九连钰)
    • Dance Along the Old Silk Road (龟兹舞曲)
    • Disclosure (品诉)
    • Geyser (间歇泉)
    • Dance Along the Old Silk Road was chosen as a compulsory piece for the 2004 China National Pipa Competition.
  • Her later compositions include:
    • Concertos for pipa with western Orchestras
    • Music for Asia Ensemble formations: shakuhachi, koto, pipa, cello, sanxian, percussion
    • Chamber: string trio, quintet, quartet, duos, solos and sextet (schlagzeug,[clarification needed] piano, violin, cello, flute und clarinet)
    • Music for choirs & traditional instruments
    • Multimedia and live performance
    • Music for film
    • Music for jazz ensembles
    • Band music

Compositions and premieres by year[edit]

  • 1986 - Composition Award Nine Jade Chains (Jiǔ lián yù) ″2nd composition prize″ & ″Outstanding performance prize″;
  • Composition Award: Disclosure (Pǐn sù) ″3rd composition prize″ ″Outstanding Performance prize″ at the ″Shanghai Music Festival″
  • 1986 - ″YANG Jing Music _ Solo concert″ in Shanghai Concert Hall of traditional pipa repertory and her own compositions.
  • 1987 - Award: ″1st Performance Prize″ with ″Celebrated soloists of the China National Traditional Orchestra″ at the ″Guangdong Music Invitation Tournament″
  • 1989 - Award: ″Shancheng Cup″ 2nd performance prize (First Traditional Chinese Music Competition held by China Central TV);
  • Award: ″Outstanding Composition prize″ for "Nine Jade Chains" (Jiǔ lián yù);
  • Award: ″Gold Medal performance prize with Highest Artist Certificate of Honour″ at the ″13th World Youth Festival″ Korea
  • 1992 - Acknowledged as ″China Artist Celebrity″ Beijing
  • 1993 - Award ″Outstanding Performance prize″ Taiwan National Pipa Contest;
  • Concert tour in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Belgium;
  • 1994 - Composition Award: ″1st Prize for Composition″ "Dance Along the Old Silk Road" (Qiú cǐ wǔqǔ) <China National chamber Music Works Competition>;
  • Performance Award: Outstanding Performance prize ; Singapore, Taipei, Hong Kong, Macao Concert Tours
  • 1995 - Concert Tours in Asia: Macao Int'l Music Festival; Philippines; Culture Centre Hall, Grand Hall, Hong Kong; Taibei National Concert Hall, Taiwan; & China Tours.
  • 1996 - YANG Jing Solo Concert Beijing Concert Hall; Evening Poems concert of the ″Q.M.J.Y.″ first Chinese traditional instrumental quartet;
  • Trio King of XiChu Dynasty
  • 1997 - USA Concert Tour; Japan, Korea Tour "Pipa Concerto" by Minoru Miki with Orchestra Asia Conductor: Park Bum Hoon, The Symphony Hall Osaka,;
  • "Da Dunhuang" with Japanese dance National Theatre, Tokyo
  • ″East West″ concert – with Norway Musicians Steiner Ofsdal & Group; Beijing Concerts;
  • 1998 - East Spirit pipa solo concert tour in United Kingdom; Austria; Germany; Japan Concert Tours.
  • ″Japanese Government Fellowship for Overseas Artists″
  • 1999 - ″Pipa Concerto″ concert Tours in Asia, Suntory Hall Tokyo, Beijing Concert Hall, The Symphony Hall Osaka ;
  • Chartiry CD Concert tour in Beijing, Shanghai and London;
  • The Last Night of the BBC Proms Pipa Concerto "Formal Introductions"by Julian Philips with BBC National Orchestra of Wales Conductor: Grant Llewellyn;
  • UK Solo Concert Tours;
  • Moments duo improvisation with Pierre Favre in switzerland
  • 1999 - Peace duo improvisation with Max Roach, drummer, in Jerusalem. - Duo Concert tour with Arnie Lawrence in Israeli & China.
  • Tour with the Entlang der Neuen Seidenstrasse Symphony Orchestra including performance of the Minoru Miki Pipa Concerto.
  • 2000 - Japan ″Shizuka_ Yang Jing Music″ Solo Concert tours; Tokyo Musicasa Hall;Tokushima Vega Hall;Utsunomiya City Culture Hall, Osaka Phoenix Hall; South-Osaka Hayoi Museum, Nara, Katsuyama;
  • ″Along the SilkRoad″ tour with the Asia Ensemble.
  • Solo tour California USA South-western College, Fine Arts; San Diego City College, concert at City College Theatre for the City College World Cultures Program; University of California San Diego, University of California Music department, San Diego for World Music department; San Diego Mesa College; Concert at the Apolliad Theater, Mesa College United States International University, San Diego Music department Lecture Tours.
  • St. Louis Opera Theatre USA, solos on Pipa and Guqin in Opera "Tale of Genji″ by Minoru Miki Pipa and Qin solo with St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Conductor: Stuart Bedford;
  • ″Pipa Concerto″ Minoru Miki Tour with Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra,Conductor: Naoto Ohtomo Chiryu-Hall, Nagoya, Tsuda Hall, Tokyo, Nirasaki Cultural Hall, Suntory Hall Tokyo; Minato Mirai Hall Yokohama; Tsuyama Japan;
  • "Memory of the Earth" by Minoru Miki, Yomiuri Nippon Orchestra Conductor: Kurt Masur;
  • Tour with Pierre Farve China Tour Beijing Shanghai;
  • Launch of 50 years Sino-Swiss Relations Concert with Swiss Yodel artist Christine Lauterburg, Beijing China
  • 2001 - Japan Tour "Pipa Concerto" by Minoru Miki with Osaka Century Orchestra, Conductor Kazuhiro Koizumi;
  • Solo tour: in Osaka, Kyoto,Tokyo, Kioi Hall Tokyo, Tsuda Hall,Yokohama Minatomirai Hall,Tokyo; Shin Takanawa, Tokushima City Concert Hall, Aoyama Concert Hall, Kyoto, Iino Hall, Sikoku Hall; Kyoto Concert Hall, Toyama, Japan, Awaji Island; Hong Kong Theater of the City Hall; Shanghai Concert Hall; Hamamatsu, Iwata, Shizuoka, Moe, Shinjuku Tokyo, Nirasaki Cultural Hall, Dream Hall Tokushima
  • Bali, Indonesia concert Tour with ″Asia Ensemble″; Okazaki, Japan ″Asia Silk Road Festival″; - Li Jiang, Yunnan, Beijing china ″Chinese qAURTET″ Tour;
  • with Arnie Lawrence Jazz Band, Tianjin, Poli Theater, Beijing, China, ″Jerusalem music Festival″ Israel, Tour with Arnie Lawrence (Saxophone)Jazz Band at Jaffa, Haifa, Jerusalem, Galilee;
  • "Moments" with Pierre Favre Basel, Switzerland
  • Pipa Concerto "Ballad of the Eternal Sorrow" Mo Fan, With Tokyo Geidai Symphony Orchestra,Tokyo Japan
  • Nissei theatre, Tokyo Opera The Tale of Genji by Minoru Miki, solo on Pipa and Qin;
  • ″Memory of the Earth" with Nagoya Music University Orchestra, Conductor Hideomi Kuroiwa
  • 2002 - Japan Arts soloists Gala concert, Mitsubishi Hall Kanazawa;
  • "Moments" with Pierre Favre concert tour in Luzern, Kleintheater, Altstätten, Stadthalle, Jona, Kellerbühne Grünfels, Wädenswil, Ticino, Verscio, Bern, Dampfzentrale, Langnau, Basel, Switzerland;
  • ″Asia Silk Road Festival″ Tour; Japan
  • Tour with Asia Ensemble; Tsuda Hall "Trio Concerto" with ORA-J, Tokushima, Symphony hall, Okayama, Aichi-ken Arts Theatre, Concert Hall, Nagoya, Fuchu, Hiroshima; Vega Hall, Anan, Tokushima, Solo Concert at Cosmo Hall, Tokushima;
  • Award: ″Traditional music contribution price″ for ″Yang Jing & Yui Ensemble″ Festa International Chamber music Competition;
  • ″QMJY″ Chinese Quartet Concerts in China.
  • 2003 - Solo Tour in Japan: New Year Gala Concert,Japan Arts soloists Concert; Kamakura, Daiichiseimei Hall Tokyo, Sanno Audium Hall, Persimmon Hall, Baroque Hall Kyoto,Asakura-mura Ancient Museum, Shido Music Hall Kagawa, Sogakudou Concert Hall,Sennan Cultural Hall Miyazaki, Sennan Cultural Hall, Tsuruoka-City, Sakata-City Yamagata, Miyanichi-Kaikan Hall, Miyazaki, Kadokawa-City Cultural Hall, Chiba Arts small hall Tokyo, "Coronet" Okazaki-shi Civic Center Aichi, Triophoney Hall Tokyo,Musicasa Tokyo,

The Symphony Hall Osaka;

  • ″Pipa Concerto″ Minoru Miki concert tour, with Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Taijiro Iimori,The Symphony Hall Osaka; Shizuoka-City Cultural Hall;
  • ″Pipa Concerto" by Minoru Miki with China Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Yang Yang, Poly Theatre Beijing
  • Triophoney Hall Tokyo"Asia Silk Road Music Festival"
  • Pipa Concerto by Yukiko Ishii with Japanese instruments ensemble Conductor: Seizan Sakata, Yokohama Japan
  • Pipa Concerto "Ballad of the Eternal Sorrow" Mo Fan, With Newton Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Jeffrey Rink; Boston, USA
  • "Moments" Yang Jing & Pierre Favre concert Tour in Italy;
  • Pipa Master Wang Fandi & students Concert Grand Hall Hong Kong
  • "Pipa Ballade" with Zurich Chamber Orchestra, Conductor: Martin Lukas, Lenzburg Switzerland, Kirche Uster, Baden Switzerland ″Moments″
  • "Dialogue" Yang Jing & Töbi Tobler, Neu St. Johann, Switzerland, Kirche Uster Switzerland, Baden, Blumen Halle Zurich; Bündnerland, Switzerland
  • Solo tour Uwajima Shikoku, Japan, Luzern Kleintheater, Switzerland, Israel;
  • 2004 - Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Uwajima Shikoku, Shizuka / Yang Jing in Concert - Pipa solo Concert; Cosmo Hall, Tokushima, Yamato-Takada, Nara Japan, Nogakuko Kawasaki, Kobuchizawa Music Festival, Sagae Music Festival, Miyazaki, Japan; ″Asia Silk Road Music Festival″ "Yang Jing in Concert" pipa solo concert Kadokawa, Miyazaki,Mikurairi Hall, Fukushima, Musicasa, Tokyo, Tsuda Hall, Tokyo, ″Yang Jing & Asian Ensemble″
  • "Pipa & Pipes″ Project with Wolfgang Sieber, organist in Lucerne, Switzerland;
  • "Moments" Yang Jing & Pierre Favre china Tour; Boswil, Alte Kirche, Kulturhaus, Saignelégier, Geneva, amr rue des Alpes,
  • ″Yang Jing & Asia Ensemble″ Honolulu, Hawai'i, USA
  • Solo and group Tour in Israel with Pianist: Yitzhak Yedid, Double Bass & Cello: Ora Boasson, Confederation House Jerusalem, Conservatory Hall Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2005 - Tours with the ″Chamber Soloists Lucerne″ in China, India; Hotel Schweizerhof, Lucerne
  • ″Solidarity with Asia″ concerts with Wolfgang Sieber, Organ;
  • "Pipa Concerto" by Minoru Miki with Honolulu Symphony Conductor: Alistair Willis, Neal Blaisdell Concert Hall, USA
  • ″Moments″ Duo concert tour with Pierre Favre in Europe;
  • Moritzburg Festival Dresden, Germany: Zhou Long <Green>; <Su>, Chen Yi <Ning> for Pipa, Violin and Cello
  • Solo Tour in Japan; - ″Asia Ensemble″ Nagoya, Ecorma Hall, Komae-city, Aizu Wakamatsu, Japan
  • ″Yang Jing and Yui Ensemble" Pipa: Yang Jing Violin: Kyoko Miki Cello: Shinobu Hashimoto Marimba & Percussion: Michiyo Usuki SolKobuchizawa, Japan Tour
  • Patriarch Palace of Moscow Kremlin, 10th International Music Festival "Christmas at the Kremlin" with Chamber Orchestra Kremlin (Moscow) Conductor: Misha Rachlevsky
  • Minoru Miki <Pipa Ballade>, Tan Dun <Concerto for Pipa and String Orchestra>, Daniel Schnyder <Concerto for Pipa and String Orchestra "Mozart in China">
  • 2006 - Different Song by Jazz 4tett Yang Jing(pipa and guqin), Michel Wintsch (piano), Bänz Oester (bass), and Norbert Pfammatter (percussion)).
  • Hokuto International Music Festival, Yamanashi, Japan, with works premiere
  • Premiere of Ai-en, an opera by Minoru Miki.
  • 2007 - Plucked Instruments, Concert Guitar Trio.
  • Hokuto International Music Festival, Yamanashi, Japan, with works premiere
  • Music for Pipa and Choir.
  • 2008 - First European Chinese Ensemble.
  • Pipa Concerto «Mozart in China» by Daniel Schnyder, Conductor Jean-Marc Grob,

Conductor:Jean-Marc Grob

  • Hokuto International Music Festival, Yamanashi, Japan, at the 'Asia Dream' concert, première 'River- our Mother' for Asia Ensemble
  • tour with 4tett Different Song, with Michel Wintsch, Bänz Oester & Norbert Pfammatter in China and Schweiz
  • Olympic Games Opening Ceremony Concert with Christy Doran New Bag
  • program for Olympic Chinese Culture Year in Olympic Museum, Lausanne Quai d'Ouchy 1, CH
  • Duo with Greetje Bijma Amsterdam, Holland
  • Ooji Hall, Ginza Tokyo, Premiere YJ pipa with Tokyo male choir «Hidden Face of the Moon»
  • with Chamber Soloists Lucerne on pipa concerto programs by different composers
  • Concert with ETH Big Band in Shanghai, Conductor: Christoph Eck
  • KKL Luzern Pipa Concerto: "Through the Balkans with Pipa" by Eskender Bekmambetov, Dirigent: Kai Bumann
  • YANG Jing Japan Tour, solo concerts and concerts with Japaninese musicians.
  • "Übergänge" von Thüring Bräm, music for Choir and pipa
  • with hr-Sinfonieorchester, Conductor: Muhai Tang "Program" with Tan Dun- Concerto for pipa and string orchestra and compositions from Yang Jing
  • «Jazz meets asia»
  • 2009 Hokuto International Music Festival, Yamanashi, Japan, with works premiere
  • solo 6 chamber works including Minoru Miki ‘The Tale of Genji’ in concert
  • concert tour with the concert guitar trio
  • with Arkady Gotesman concert in Vilnius, Lithuania; with Greetje Bijma concerts in Netherlands
  • 2010 - Yang Jing Concert Trio.
  • Hokuto International Music Festival, Yamanashi, Japan, with works premiere
  • 2011
  • Different Song Festival JazzContreBand
  • European Chinese Ensemble
  • 2012
  • Kulturjahre Chinas in Deutschland Hört, der Frühling spielt das Weidenlied
  • American tour and new composition premiere concert
  • Pipa Concerto, Tan Dun Konzerte mit Muhai Tang und der Württembergischen Philharmonie Reutlingen
  • Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Travelling East, with Daniel Schnyder Blechbläser-Ensemble City Brass Stuttgart
  • lecutre and tour in China; Solo and «YANG Jing concerto trio» in CH.
  • CD-Taufe "Transitions" in Basel
  • Festival di poesia a Lugano
  • 2013 - Oriental Jazz Ensemble.[1]
  • Festival «Entlang der Neuen Seidenstrasse» Music for «Picks and Sticks» with Brian Zator; * «Musik und Gedicht» Erica Hänssler, KKL Aarau,
  • «金Jin 木Mu 水Shui 火Hou 土Tu – music from Chinese string instrument and Percussion» Duo concert with Gerry Hemingway
  • Zwischenländli, concert for Duo with Christine LAUTERBURG
  • No. 9 Duo concert tour with Christy Doran in EU
  • Festival Sommersprossen in Rottweil: Hauser Ateliers, Deutschland, with Ingo Goritzki Oboe/ Arkady Shilkloper Alphorn/ Yang Jing Pipa etc.
  • Artist in Residence, The Sidney Nolan Trust, United Kingdom; * Solo concerts in CH
  • 2014 - Feuer und Erde, concerto for pipa, percussion and string orchestra, premiere in Switzerland with Orchestra: MUSIZIERKREIS SEE

Hansjakob BECKER

  • 2014 - 'Boswiler Sommer 2014' premiere works for Strings: «String Trio 0-1-2-3» Ronny Spiegel, Szomor-Mekis Jank & Rohn Florian

work for Cohir and pipa «A Traveller's Chant» Calmus Ensemble (DE); work for Quintet: «Der Grosse Wagen 北斗七星» Sopran: Ungureanu Irina Flöte: Cevik Murat, Cello: Rohn Florian, Perkussion: Borioli Luca, Pipa/Komposition: Yang Jing; «Pipa in Garden»;

  • Festival «Entlang der Neuen Seidenstrasse» concerts
  • «YANG Jing Trio» Linus AMSTAD (Sax, Flute), Lukas RUTZEN (percussion), YANG Jing (Pipa, Guzheng), «Kerzenlicht Konzert» Pipa im Mozartraum
  • 2015 - Erzählungen vom Fluss, A Concert for a sextet, «Nach dem Anfang» premiere at Music Festival Bern, by Ensemble Interface
  • Pro Argovia Artists 2015/16
  • Yang Jing Komposition Master Konzert in Biel CH
  • «Silk Road» in Prag
  • 2016 - Lied der Aare, A concert program for Quintet music with two premieres in Basel.



  • Scores (楊靜琵琶作品集)2003.
  • Scores (楊靜琵琶作品集) 2009.
  • Scores Publisher Link, 2015.

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