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Yang Kun
Chinese name 杨坤
Pinyin Yáng Kūn (Mandarin)
Jyutping Joeng4 Kwan1 (Cantonese)
Born (1972-12-18) 18 December 1972 (age 45)
Baotou, Inner Mongolia, China
Origin China
Occupation Singer-songwriter, composer, actor
Years active 1993–present
Genre(s) Mandopop, C-pop, C-rock
Instrument(s) Guitar
Voice type(s) Baritone
Label(s) Beijing Culture Development, Huayi Brothers, TH Entertainment

Yang Kun (Chinese: 杨坤; pinyin: Yáng Kūn; born 18 December 1972) is a Chinese singer-songwriter. He was one of the judges of TV talent show The Voice of China[1][2] during the first season of the show. He is currently a judge in Sing my Song.


Early years[edit]

Yang Kun joined Baotou Steel Company art troupe in 1989. In 1993 Yang went to Beijing to start his musical career. He signed a contract with the record label, Beijing Culture Development. With that company, he released his first album (Indifferent), which turned him into a popular singer. From then on, Yang Kun started being widely known by his husky voice and his melancholic songs. Sadness and aimlessness are some of the emotions that can be found in Yang Kun's songs, which are mostly inspired by his own life experiences.[3]

In 2003, the singer released his second album, entitled "That day", this release was known by the song "The moon represents my heart", in reference to the song of the same name by Teresa Teng, which was a great hit in China. The song also showed Yang's ability to sing love ballads apart from his previous songs. The same year, Yang Kun was priced for first time with a silver medal in the Eastern Billboard Awards ceremony in the category of "Best original song", for his track "Indifferent".[4]

In 2004, Yang, started expanding his influence to other branches of entertainment debuting for first time as an actor in the indie film "13 months", which was not very successful. In fact, this film has never been released for unknown reasons. Anyway, the popularity of the singer kept on rising and was awarded, once again, in the Eastern Billboard Awards, this time in the category of Most popular Mainland Chinese Male singer.[5]

The third album by Yang Kun, which had the title of "2008", was released in 2005. It had a Pop - Rock style, similar to his previous works, although, this time, the singer incorporated ethnic instruments, and vocals from Inner Mongolia, the region where he was born. Although the sales of this album and his concerts were successful, the singer was not comfortable enough with his record label. That fact also coincided with many personal problems in the life of the performer, who suffered a depression.[6]

New projects[edit]

After recovering from his depression, two years later, Yang Kun released his fourth release, "Cowboy", under Huayi Brothers. This album was considered by the singer as introspective, with all the songs talking about his recent life and how he tried to look for himself. This album was highly promoted by his new company, and many concerts and promotional events for this release were made. During this time, he made a friendship with new collaborators such as Na Ying and David Huang.

Two years later, in 2009, the performer released a new album which featured a track that is nowadays, one of his best known songs "Empty city". The popularity of this track was widespread, to the point that has been viewed by over a million users in YouTube. Apart from his usual activities as a singer, Yang Kun not only started appearing in many shows and programmes, but he also returned to the film industry, after an unsuccessful attempt 7 years before. In 2011, Yang, took part in the film Lost in Panic Cruise, directed by Zhang Fangfang, the movie was a highly successful psychological triller both critically and commercially.[7]

In 2012, Yang Kun released a new album with the title of "I Really care" and took part in the crime thriller movie Lethal Hostage, where he played a drug smugler.[8]

In 2013, he turned into one of the coaches of The Voice of China, a popular TV show with millions of viewers. Two years later he appeared on the program I am a Singer by Hunan TV.

In 2015, the singer was signed to TH Entertainment, a record label on the rise, where he has been releasing his new songs.


  • Indifferent (2001)
  • That day (2003)
  • 2008 (2005)
  • Cowboy (2007)
  • Yang Kun (2009)
  • Disco (2010)
  • I really care (2012)
  • This is the 20th night (2014)


  • 2003: Eastern Billboard award for his song "Indiferent".
  • 2004: Eastern Billboard awards for being the most popular Mainland Chinese male singer and for his song "That day".
  • 2005: Southwest Music Playlist price for the song "Never".
  • 2006: Eastern Billboard award for his song "As lonely as ever".
  • 2010: Southwest Music Playlist price for the best male singer.



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