Yang Pan-hou

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Yang Pan-hou
Born1837 (1837)
Guangfu, Hebei, China
Died1890 (aged 52–53)
StyleYang-style taijiquan
Notable studentsYang Shaohou (杨少侯),
Wu Quanyou (吴全佑),
Wang Jiaoyu (王矯宇)
Yang Pan-hou
Traditional Chinese
Simplified Chinese

Yang Pan-hou or Yang Banhou (1837–1890) was an influential teacher of t'ai chi ch'uan (taijiquan) in Ch'ing dynasty China, known for his bellicose temperament.[1][2]


He was the senior son of Yang Luchan to survive to adulthood. Like his father, he was retained as a martial arts instructor by the Chinese Imperial family.[2][3] He eventually became the formal teacher of Wu Ch'uan-yu (Wu Quanyou), a Manchu Banner cavalry officer of the Palace Battalion.[2] Wu Ch'uan-yu's son, Wu Chien-ch'uan (Wu Jianquan), also a Banner officer, became known as the co-founder (along with his father) of the Wu-style t'ai chi ch'uan.[3] Yang Pan-hou's younger brother Yang Chien-hou was a well known teacher of Yang-style t'ai chi ch'uan as well.[2] Yang Pan-hou's son, Yang Shao-p'eng (1875-1938) was also a t'ai chi teacher.[3]

Yang Banhou taught Wang Jiao-Yu his father's Guang Ping Yang t'ai chi ch'uan form, Wang Jiao-Yu taught Kuo Lien Ying this original Yang style form[citation needed].

T'ai chi ch'uan lineage tree with Yang-style focus[edit]


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