Yanghu Wetland Park

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Yanghu Wetland Park
Export of Yanghu Wetland Park, picture1.jpg
Entrance of Yanghu Wetland Park.
Yanghu Wetland Park is located in Hunan
Yanghu Wetland Park
Location of the park within Hunan
Yanghu Wetland Park is located in China
Yanghu Wetland Park
Yanghu Wetland Park (China)
TypePublic park, urban park
LocationYuelu District, Changsha, Hunan, China
Coordinates28°07′45″N 112°56′02″E / 28.129205°N 112.934001°E / 28.129205; 112.934001Coordinates: 28°07′45″N 112°56′02″E / 28.129205°N 112.934001°E / 28.129205; 112.934001
Area0.53-square-kilometre (0.20 sq mi)
Created2010 (2010)
Operated byChangsha government
Visitors4 million
OpenAll year

Yanghu Wetland Park (simplified Chinese: 洋湖湿地公园; traditional Chinese: 洋湖濕地公園; pinyin: Yánghú Shīdì Gōngyuán) is a public wetland park in China, located at the western Changsha, Hunan.[1][2][3] Covering an area of 0.53-square-kilometre (0.20 sq mi), the park was established in 2010 and opened to the public in 2011. Located in the subdistrict of Yanghu, Yuelu District, Yanghu Wetland Park is bordered by Jin River on the South and east, South Xiaoxiang Avenue on the West, and Yanghu Avenue on the North.


The wetland is the core zone of Yanghuyuan or Yanghu Cofferdam (Chinese: 洋湖垸) that its ancient name was "Waguankou" (or "Waguan Estuary"; Chinese: 瓦官口). Historically it was part of Yanghu Township (Chinese: 洋湖乡) in 1951 and a part of Pingtang People's Commune (Chinese: 坪塘人民公社) of Wangcheng County (Chinese: 望城县) in 1958. In 1962, it was the territory of Pingtang Commune (Chinese: 坪塘公社) of Pingtang District (Chinese: 坪塘区) in Changsha County. it was the territory of Wangcheng County when the county was re-established from Changsha County in 1978 and that of Yuelu District when Pingtang Town was assigned to the jurisdiction of Yuelu District from Wangcheng County On June 15, 2008.[4]

Construction began in July 2010 and completed in 2014.

On November 8, 2013, it has been categorized as a 4A-level tourist site by the China National Tourism Administration.[5]


The wetland is located at the mouth of Jin River on the western bank of the Xiang River and the south of 2nd Ring Road in the southern part of Yuelu District. It is bounded on the north and west by the Jin River, south by Yanghu Road (Chinese: 洋湖路).


The park is designated as a wildlife preserve. There are more than 700 plant species cultivated in the park, and some 130 species of bird to be seen in the park.


A panoramic view of Lake Yang in 2017.


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